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Latest version of the game on Windows 10 OS, launched from desktop. 


PC specs:

-ASUS laptop

-Intel i7-4710HQ CPU 2.5GHz clocked at 3.5GHz


-Nvidia geforce GTX 870M


Game settings in order:

-Auto detect


-Display 1



-Midway on slider



-Pre texture


I was able to replicate the crash by spamming heal godpower in the most recent save.


Playing the game for the first time in a while, and enjoying all the new and updated content. Had a sizeable gathering of 32 Nuggets and surviving for 2 winters, so there were a lot of activity on screen. Until half of them died of starvation. But i digress. I found that the healing power of the game did not take away any of my godpower, so I spammed it (ALOT of intense godrays) in an attempt to save some of my nuggets as all the buildings were collapsing. I turned the camera fast, and that's when the game crashed. 


First time reporting anything anywhere; sorry in advance for bad report. 


Love the concept of The Universessim, and would like to contribute where I can.




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