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Forum Problem (steam connect)

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Forum Problem (steam connect)



I have tried to log in to the website for checking on the forum. It did not let me. But it let me login using my steam account . I said to myself Cool.


So I log in and I need to finalize my settings , so I enter my ScreenName that I have the game on Stronkie and the Email going with that.. 

Bugger the site gives me a error , Username and email are allready in use.. Like yes.. They are by me..


So when I login with my new password and old username , I still can download the Alpha


But now I have two Accounts


One with my Original Name : Stronkie (with my Backers Email atrtached to it , which has the game )


And I have one account now :


Names Stronkie_2 , linked to me Own Steam account , with a new email adress , which doesnot have the game..



So I would like to see this happen


I want my Steam account Stronkie linked to my Forum Account Stronkie.. The new Forum Name Account Stronkie_2 can go


How do we do this?

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This is my account where I want to have my Steam acount Stronkie Linked too..


Please assist.



Seems I could link my steam account also to my forum name..


Cool , just Delete the user Stronkie_2 please

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