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V0.0.9 Nuggets walk underground when traveling to Farm on slope

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V0.0.9 Nuggets walk underground when traveling to Farm on slope

What client version you downloaded: Linux Launcher with Ubuntu 16.04, launcher runs The Universim.x86_64

What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: game client

Are you able to replicate the problem: only noticed once with this one farm

Detailed description of the problem:


First, I placed this Farm. I took a screenshot because I was annoyed at how difficult it was to place here. In general, buildings are too picky about being placed in spots that look like they have plenty of room. Anyway, there was one spot where the build was valid, moving the mouse a few pixels in any other direction resulted in a red invalid indicator.



After the farm was built, I noticed that Nuggets would walk underground when going to and away from the farm. Though depending on their destination or departure point, sometimes they would walk on the ground correctly.





Here's another angle where you can see the slope the farm is on better.


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