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V0.0.9 Pumps cannot be built near or on trees

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V0.0.9 Pumps cannot be built near or on trees

What client version you downloaded: Linux Launcher with Ubuntu 16.04, launcher runs The Universim.x86_64

What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: game client

Are you able to replicate the problem: yes, both games I played had this issue

Detailed description of the problem: 

I place a pump, resources are delivered, but the Nuggets refuse to build. I've left these for 10 minutes with plenty of builders, so definitely a bug. They can be aborted.

Because the builders are trying to gather wood and a tree is there, my theory is that they can't get to the tree.


Here the tree is definitely in the build area and partially in water.



This build is also broken, but the tree is outside the build area.


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