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Keyboard Menu Cycle

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Keyboard Menu Cycle

What client version you downloaded: 0.0.9 - dashboard/standalone client download - Windows 10-x64

What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: General play

Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes

Detailed description of the problem: When you click a building (e.g. Eatery/Water Pump/Eatery/etc.) and then click "Upgrade Panel" and press "UP" or "W" it will highlight "Windmap / Heatmap Display."  If you then press the "Left/Right" buttons or "A/D" it will cycle through highlighting different buttons on the bars.  If you press "Space" while one of these items is selected it will bring up the menu as if clicked.  The same thing happens if you press "Down" or "S" except it will go to the bottom bar.

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but felt it was worth reporting.

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