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Patch Notes V 0.0.5 (GraveyStein)

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Guest CM Mirror

Patch V 0.0.5. (GRAVYSTEIN)

Patch is now live!

It’s time to go on a very special road trip. We’re talking about the kind of trip that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud, heading down a river filled with cotton balls and puppies. We hope to start this trip off on the right note with the latest patch, entitled "Gravystein". Our team has put a lot of work into engine optimization these past few weeks. We want to ensure that The Universim runs as smoothly as possible on machines of all specifications, but it’s still got a ways to go. We restructured a number of internal systems, and we’re happy to see some tremendous progress so far. Along with optimization, we also reworked the animal AI system. That’s right, animals are no longer just a bunch of dimwits wondering about endlessly in the hopes of having the pleasure to navigate around a tree.


Animals now have a fair amount of dependencies and behavior. Surroundings will now also affect animals directly. We implemented a dynamic growth system that will be responsible for managing the animal population on the planet. In the future, this system will allow us to link the animal population to factors such as: the local temperature (some animals will reproduce more during winters and die out during hot summers and vise versa), oxygen levels, and the amount of flora on the planet. Player/Nugget actions will directly affect the planet’s environments, which now includes negative effects on the animal kingdom. Good luck living with yourself once you wipe out a species like the penguins. I bet you don’t even see penguins in the game, you heartless brute. There is still quite a bit of work to do, but we have the main platform in place. 



We also redesigned the Priority Panel. Based on your feedback, our goal was to provide you with additional tools to help you keep your Nuggets busy, without the need to constantly open and close the Priority Panel and change things manually. Now you can set the specific amount of workers you want for each task in the panel and the system will try to maintain the workforce as the population changes.

For example, if you currently have two Nuggets assigned as lumberjacks and you want more Nuggets to bolster the ranks as they become available, then all that you need to do is set the total number of lumberjacks you want and the system will assign new workers without pestering you. Please test this system out and let us know your thoughts, especially anything you believe will make it even better.



Next up is the redesigned construction process. Instead of having a fixed construction time per building, each building will now have Health Points. Construction speed will be dependent on a Nugget’s Might from here on. For example, if a building’s has a max HP of 100 and a Nugget’s Might is 10, it will take 10 hits from the Nugget to construct the building. The same thing applies to repairing structures. Everything in The Universim will have HP, and every object that qualifies can be affected by Nuggets based on their Might.





The final addition is something you will all likely be very excited to hear about. We're officially implementing the first Creator Power mechanics. That means we now have some proper physics! The new gravity system affects every object in the game that isn’t nailed down. This will allow us to have planets with varying gravitational forces. Of course, a system like this would be pretty useless without something for you to fool around with. The first power available to you is the ability to pick up and throw stones, trees, and so on.

This is how it works: You left click on an object and hold your left mouse button down for a few seconds. While holding the left mouse button, try to pull the object out of the ground, almost like you’re pulling a tooth out without adequate training. After the object is dislodged, you can release the left mouse button. You can either drop the object by clicking the left mouse button, or you can throw it with force by holding down the left mouse button again for a few seconds. The longer you hold it down, the more force the object will have when thrown. Initially, you'll be able to throw any objects on the planet around, and objects will be able to damage or kill things. Give it a go and let us know your thoughts!

The team is really spending a lot of time on implementing and polishing the main platform, so as to ensure that we can expand as smoothly as possible in the coming months. As soon as the main features of the Prometheus engine are fully-released and running at the quality we expect, it will be much easier for us to implement new eras and so on. For now, we’re going to continue testing new features and systems in the most stable era, which, ironically, is the Stone Age. You just can’t beat that Paleo diet.

Let’s take a look at everything that’s new:


  • Fixed Farm Description being cut off in Building Popup.
  • Constructor’s Hut LOD fixed.
  • Constructed buildings no longer disappear underground.
  • Fixed an issue with nuggets going idle after mating. This might look like a feature, but it is really a bug...
  • Fixed Nuggets getting stuck on game startup while leaving epicenter
  • Canceling the placement of a building no longer marks that area as occupied
  • Builders no longer take too many resources to build site
  • Birds are now rendered correctly from both orientations(top and bottom)
  • Animals no longer disappear
  • Numbers fixed in the bottom bar of the main UI
  • Fixed an issue with builders going idle when resuming their work after eating/resting
  • Significantly improved the way construction sites and buildings can be selected


  • More descriptive job statuses. Job Statuses now include a Nugget’s current task within the description.
  • Implemented what we call the “Baby Machine”. Players can now control the Nugget Spawn rate by clicking on the icons on the top left corner of the screen. Fertile females will appear there, and once you click on the icon, they will start reproducing. You can also enable Auto Reproduction, which means that the Nuggets will reproduce without player interaction.
  • Basic Playstation 4 and Xbox One Controller support implemented for PC only (world navigation only)
  • New particle effects
  • New News messages
  • New shader for Nugget skin colors
  • New shader for Nugget hair colors
  • New shader for Nugget clothing
  • New effect for Intervention
  • Reworked Wildlife system, including Animals AI
  • Implemented Statistics screen. Currently we have wildlife statistics only. Animals count on the planet will depend on different factors in the future, this screen will show the fluctuation of their numbers and what impact your actions will have on the entire system.
  • Now construction process mainly depends on 2 factors, how much HP a building has and how strong nuggets are. The strongest are nuggets, the faster a building will be constructed. Also, you can now follow the construction progress through specialized panel.
  • “Intervention” for trees and rocks - once player clicks and holds the left mouse button over an object they can pull that object out of the ground. Once holding the object they can launch it at other objects to deal damage or into space/orbit.
  • Added a selection box to Planet Tooltip and improved how tooltip info is displayed
  • Construction sites can now be selected. Upon selection, an Info panel will be popped, displaying the progress of the construction.
  • Reworked priorities panel. Essentially fixing the issue where a nugget becoming an adult or dying would reset pending changes. Each profession now has a set number that indicates how many nuggets will be assigned to that profession. Epicenter will assign the nuggets in a cyclic manner.


  • New Priorities Panel
  • Creator Power Points Panel
  • New warehouse panel
  • Mating panel
  • Builders Hut panel adjustments
  • Gathering hut panel
  • Construction site info panel
  • Statistics screen


  • Hunger Tick Interval changed from 6 to 1
  • Hunger Reduction Per Tick changed from 0.01 to 0.0025 (Nugget hunger decreases slower)
  • Hunger Recovery Per Tick changed from 0.3 to 1 (Hunger recovers faster)
  • Hunger Recovery Food Needed changed from 0.03 to 0.07 (More food needed to recover hunger)
  • Min Adult Age Duration changed from 770 to 3600 (Nuggets live much longer. *WIP to compensate for lack of cemeteries)
  • Max Adult Age Duration changed from 999 to 4600 (Nuggets live much longer. *WIP to compensate for lack of cemeteries)
  • Min Old Age Duration changed from 80 to 10
  • Max Old Age Duration changed from 100 to 15
  • Nuggets Max Carry Capacity changed from 10 to 3
  • Stamina Rest, Recovery Per Tick changed from 3 to 0.5 (Stamina has now decreased slower, but also recovers slower)
  • Idle Stamina Decrease Per Tick changed from -0.1 to -0.05
  • Default Task Stamina Decrease Per Tick changed from -0.3 to -0.1
  • Game Year Duration changed from 1200(20 min) to 1440 (24min)
  • Day/Night Cycle Time changed from 560 to 540 (9min)
  • The game starts with the initial Wood amount of 15
  • The game starts with the initial Food amount of 15
  • The game starts with the initial Stone amount of 15
  • Stone Hut Construction now costs: 3 Wood, 6 Stone
  • Starting strength  5-10 (was 90-100)


  • Improved rendering times (mostly in preparation work for what’s due ‘soon’)
  • Smoother start-up loading (ongoing work being done here)
  • Cleaned up lots of ‘junk’ memory generation (which means less framerate stutter)
  • Moved numerous poke-the-harddrive events into the loading step (even less stutter!)
  • Redesigned database (easier to tweak & faster access @ runtime too)
  • Tweaked the building placement system (less stutter while building)
  • New debug-logging system (can now be turned off for extra release performance)
  • Significant modifications to pathfinding system (smarter searches in much less time)


  • Lowered main camera
  • Overhauled Input Backend (allows for live binding changes when we have a UI for it)
  • World Ambient Light Tweaked (softer shadows and less contrast overall)
  • Ambient sound tweaks
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