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Technology Icons Mismatch?

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Topic Title: Storage Tech reference in the Research Panel Tutorial message has conflicting information. 

Build number: 0.0.15102655

What version you downloaded: Dashboard version

What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Game Client

Are you able to replicate the problemYes, Start the game, (1.) Follow the Tutorial Instructions up until you get the Research Options, (2.) Select the Research Menu tab, (3.) Wait for the 'Storage Tech' tutorial message to pop up. 

Detailed description of the problem: Please see screenshot. No noticable gameplay errors were found, I just thought it was really strange the tutorial would make a reference to the 'Gathering' technology, with a 'Stockpiling' icon and showing the same icon to a sub-tech item, not referring to Gathering at all. Please note that the icons do not correspond. 


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