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Guest CM Mirror

General Alpha FAQ and how to install

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Guest CM Mirror

General FAQ:

I can't see my Key and or other items on my Dashboard!:

  • Make sure you've logged into your dashboard using the E-Mail you purchased the game with (often times this is your paypal email).
  • If you made your dashboard prior to the Alpha release you'll most likely need to go through the "Recover Password" process to reset your dashboard.
  • If you purchased off the website without first making a dashboard account you'll need to go through the "Recover Password" process.

I'm a Website/HumbleBundle/Paypal backer. I was able to use my key on steam, why?:

  • The key you are seeing is your Launcher/Patcher key, but also your key for the future game. Even though you were able to use it on steam you will not be able to launch the steam version of the Alpha. You will still need to download the game through the dashboard.

How often will the Alpha be updated?:

  • Our aim is once per-month on our around the 1st, but this date can and will fluctuate in the early stages of development. Smaller hotfix patches that will be distributed as needed.

Can I stream or make YouTube content of the Alpha?:

  • Yes! if you use twitter or facebook, be sure to give us mention or @ with your content link!

I heard this is limited to 20 minutes only? Why so short?:

  • It's actually not limited. You can play as long as you want, but the game was originally only optimized for roughly 20 minutes of game play via the short tutorial. Anything beyond where the tutorial ended became un-tested territory. we've gone well beyond that original tutorial now and you should be seeing greatly extended game play time. Just remember, we're in Alpha so the game is not 100% feature complete.

I found a Bug! Where should I report it?:

  • You can submit your bug report HERE.

How to Download and Install

Option 1 Standalone Client For ALL backers, All OS versions (Kickstarter, PayPal, Website and Humblebundle).

Download Links:
 A.) launcher installer for Windows here: Windows Download
 B.) launcher archive for Mac OS X here: Mac OS X Download 1
    or Mac OS X Download 2
 C.) launcher archive for Linux here: Linux Download 1
    or Linux Download 2
 Install or unpack launcher (depending on your platform). For Mac and Linux users: you should unpack launcher 
 to the directory on the drive with sufficient permissions.
 Fully installed game require ~1GB space on your hard drive.
2) Login to Dashboard and obtain your game key. 
 Note, key should be entered AS IS, it is case sensitive!

  • Your Key can be found just below the PA image on your Dashboard or just below it under "Game Key" both keys are identical


3) Run the launcher 
  On the first run it will ask for the game key, then press "UPDATE" button.

4) After the launcher downloads the game 
 You will be able to run it by pressing "LAUNCH" button.

Launcher/patcher note for the users with existing/outdated/damaged game version:

You can safely install the launcher over the existing/outdated/damaged game version. 
Launcher will download only necessary parts (blocks) of the game.

If you lost connection/got system crash/etc during the update process it IS safe to run the launcher again - it will 
verify and will repair the game data automatically.

For advanced users: If you want your game data will be rechecked by the launcher, locate the file version.txt inside 
the game directory, open it with plain text editor (notepad or notepad++), and edit the line with version variable to

version = none

and your game data will be verified on the next launcher run.


Option 2 Steam Download (for Kickstarter backers only)

  • You may also choose to download the Alpha through steam. The key will be the same.

To do this, log into your steam client, Select Games> "Activate a Product on Steam.." and enter the license key you were given on your dashboard.



Install Issues:

404 Error or error on launch after wrong key.

Please, note: key should be entered as it is displayed in dashboard, it is case sensitive, i.e. xxxxx-yyyyy-zzzzz and XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZZ are DIFFERENT keys. Also, take attention to 0 (zero) and O (ou), 1 (one) and I (i).

If you need to re-enter your key, do the following:

  1. On Windows and Linux: delete the file named "key.dat" near the game (or launcher) executable.
  2. On Mac OS X you should run terminal window and do the following:
    • cd pathe-where-you-unpacked-launcher/The Universim Launcher.app/Contents/
    • rm key.dat

or (in one command)

  • rm pathe-where-you-unpacked-launcher/The Universim Launcher.app/Contents/key.dat

On the next run launcher will ask for the key - enter new value.





Pasted image at 2015_10_14 07_10 PM.png

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Guest CM Mirror

Updated for clarification on the dashboard and key issue from this morning.

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Guest CM Mirror

Updated FAQ. Streaming/YT content allowed.

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Guest CM Mirror

Install instructions for the STANDALONE client have been updated.

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Guest CM Mirror


Added instructions for resetting after the wrong key has been entered

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