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SUBMISSIONS - Nugget Fashion Week 2015

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UPDATE: The deadline has been extended! You can now submit your artwork through Wednesday, October 21, 2015 (11:59 PM PST).

2015's New York Fashion Week has come and gone, but Nugget Fashion Week is just getting started! While you wait for Pre-Alpha (coming soon!), we want to get you more involved in our creative process. Show us your crazy, unique Nugget outfit designs. Be creative and push the boundaries of Nugget fashion! 

From now through Wednesday, October 7, 2015 (11:59 PM PST), submit your original fan-art of sharply dressed Nuggets on this thread. The Crytivo Games team will select the top 10 entries. From there, we will open it up to a public vote on the Official Universim Forums. You, the fans, will choose the best designs. First, second, and third place will win awesome prizes! 

By entering the contest, you agree to these Official Rules, so please review them before entering. We look forward to seeing your submissions. Make it work, designers!

NOTE: Please direct all discussion about the submissions to the Nugget Fashion Week 2015 Discussion Thread. This thread is for SUBMISSIONS ONLY.


Contest Duration:
September 21st- October 21st (11:59 PM PST).

How to Enter:
Submit your fan art, either in a link or as an image attachment to this forum thread in the Official Universim Forums. Entries will be showcased on the Official Universim Twitter and Facebook accounts after the contest ends!

The Top 10 will be announced on October 9th. Fan voting will run from October 9th to October 13th (11:59 PM PST) and the winners will be announced on October 14th.


First Place Winner: One (1) Universim Track Jacket in the size and style of your choice and 
one (1) Universim Poster, Nugget Fashion Week 2015 First Place Forum Badge

Second Place Winner: One (1) Universim T-shirt in the size and style of your choice and
one (1) Universim Poster, Nugget Fashion Week 2015 Second Place Forum Badge

Third Place Winner: One (1) Universim Poster, Nugget Fashion Week 2015 Third Place Forum Badge

All Participants:  Nugget Fashion Week 2015 Participant Badge

Judging Criteria:
50% Originality and Creativity, 50% Artistic Skill



(Please read Official Rules here.)

  • Fan art must include at least one Nugget dressed in some sort of outfit. The rest is up to you, but a Nugget wearing clothes MUST be in the artwork.
  • Any 2D or 3D art is acceptable, but an image of your submission must be submitted to this thread either as a link or an attachment.
  • Keep it PG-13. No nudity, sexual references, vulgar language, or excessive violence.
  • Do not use any licensed logos, advertisements, product names, product placement, or characters. We can't afford a lawsuit!
  • No altered renders of any official Universim artwork will be accepted.
  • Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made for this contest.


Invite your friends to have fun with you,
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 I'm not sure if this image is going to show or not so here is a link to the full size picture on my Deviant art page: http://ctbrooks.deviantart.com/art/The-Fashionista-564922196?ga_submit_new=10%3A1444285572

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Oops, got it to work this time. Yay! The Fashionista!!! Whoaaaaa, what? Awesome.

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I've named it the Awareness Flamingo Nugget, hope you like it.



EDIT: Can't type *blushes to pink*

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Introducing the pharaoh tut an numon, a nugget of unspeakable wealth and power from the 14th nugget Royal family. 

No sersiously here's my pharaonic age nuggets, I am not s good artist, but tell me honestly how it is 



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Guest CM Mirror

Submissions are now locked.


Discussion posts moved to the discussion topic.

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