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Found 8 results

  1. Glitches And Bugs I Am Having

    Glitches And Bugs I Am Having Ok after playing for a while I started to notice that my Nuggets were mating but when a child came into the world my population did not increase same goes for when a child reaches adulthood. I am also having the same problems with deaths and when a person dies while assigned to a job the game counts them as dead and alive like they will still be assigned to the job but they will be doing no work so nothing is happening and when I try remove them it doesn't work since the game is thinking their is no one to remove and then a lot of my nuggets wont build for me and just keep bringing resources e.g. I was building a water pump and my nuggets wouldn't build it yet instead they decided to bring 300 wood to it and 200 stone! Actually I have noticed nothing is changing my creators points are not increasing nor is my resources and food and water everything is telling me I do not have enough water but when I actually look at my water usage it says it is below the amount of water I am making I think this all since the only thing frozen is like the hot bar stuff also I don't know which version I am in so if someone could tell me how to find out so I can post this appropriately that would help a lot
  2. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug What client version you downloaded: Standalone PC version What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In game client Are you able to replicate the problem: Probably Detailed description of the problem: At 4 population, I had 2 nuggets as builders, 1 as food gatherer, and 1 as wood gatherer. In the job allocation box, I reassigned the wood gatherer to a 3rd builder. The nugget was partially in the middle of chopping a tree when I reassigned them. As soon as they had finished cutting down the tree, they bent down to pick up the wood from the tree for the construction project and the nugget clipped through the planet surface. The nugget would not reappear after that and was still living.
  3. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug What client version you downloaded: Standalone client download: PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In game client Are you able to replicate the problem: Likely, Just get to a population around 40 Detailed description of the problem: Around 40 population, I started encountering and observing strange nugget builder behavior with stone hut construction. I know that one of the known issues going into this patch was that the builders would rarely gather a surplus amount of materials for the construction project but in my play through; around 40 population and almost every construction project had nuggets either bringing a surplus amount of resources or wouldn't register that the other nuggets on their building team were already gathering resources.
  4. What client version you downloaded: standalone PC What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Game client Are you able to replicate the problem: Always Detailed description of the problem: Nugget builders will always build houses, directly after placing another building. You cannot abort them, destroy them or stop the nuggs from finishing a house first before starting the project you laid out. Often they will build a succession of houses while ignoring buildings player placed. Most cases if a pump and well are not placed right at start, that means the nuggets die of thirst building homes, while the well and pump go ignored.
  5. v 0.0.8 - PC - Standalone Problem was in the game client I think. I did not replicate the problem but I would assume it would happen again. Problem ---->> After all of my Nuggets died I could still here them mumbling. Not a big deal at all....Just a little silly. I was playing a standalone version v 0.0.8 and it only happened once so I am unsure if it is repeatable. Thanks so much for this incredible game!!! ....If you need anyone to test new builds I am your man!! (just disabled and broke)
  6. v 0.0.8 - PC - Standalone Seems to be a coding issue at game startup. I have not replicated the problem. I do think it could happen again by chance. Here is the problem ---->> The game started with 4 male Nuggets which meant no momma Nugs to have little Niglets.....Took me a while to realize why my Nuggets were not reproducing...hehe First let me say that I am so very thankful that my male Nuggets were not gay....Cuz that would completely ruin the game for me so please NEVER go there...Thanks!! Just want to say...GREAT GAME!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!! .....Send me a PM if you want me to be a tester.....This is right up my alley!!
  7. Client/version: PC standalone download V0.04_1601152036 Issue in game Can replicate: Yes, happens most playthroughs The “assign worker” button in the construction hut does not work all of the time. I’ve been sure to leave workers unassigned so that there were extras that could be assigned, however, I often click on the button and nothing happens. It works sometimes, but I can't tell what is different about those times. Additionally, I have found that if I assign 1 worker to the construction hut, I’ll lose 2 available workers. I was able to find an idle nugget one time when this happened when the game said I had 0 available/idle workers. Assigning the nugget to the construction hut worked as if the nugget was an available worker. Issue in game Can replicate: Yes, by clicking on the text. Worker productivity text disappears when clicked on. I saw that this has happened before, but it still seems to be an issue in the latest version.
  8. Workers/Nuggets "stuck"

    Nuggets that went through those buildings scaffolds tend to get stuck. They show the moving animation, but don't actually move anywhere. Left it for a couple of minutes, it was still staying there xD