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Found 2 results

  1. Bug report button do not works, wells do not works Hi! First of all at bug report screen "subbmit" button do not. Please see attached at screehshot. Version of the current build: latest from steam alpha Operating System: Windows 10 home I'm playing in windowd mode 1600x900 my notebook specs are: intel core 7 - 7410HQ CPU @250 GHZ 8 gb DDR Regarding wells - long time ago I saw that there is such a problem (around 2-3 months ago). So I thought maybe after several pathes that was fixed..... well at my version they are not working. Well do not provide water to houses and do not full fill reservoir.
  2. Well bugged out in the Desert

    Well bugged out in the Desert I love the desert and always start there, and while I was placing down a well in the desert it said 0 water. I clicked to build it by mistake, which after it bugged out. I couldn't get the well to go away. So I went into the build toolbar to choose a new building to place thinking it would get rid of me holding the well. I thought it worked because I was now holding the reservoir, so I went to place the reservoir down. It was built instantly, and I was still holding on to the well. I went into the build toolbar again to choose another building and that building was also built instantly. I tried it few more times with other buildings and got the same results they were all instantly built, so I left the game and started a new game which again I ran into the same bug.