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Found 9 results

  1. power outage?

    I'm all maxed out on the development tree, got about 310 population, now every nugget year or two i get a warning theres a power shortage (there isn't - plenty of gas plants and charged batteries) due to water not being supplied (there's plenty of water, its summer, nothing frozen over). The tool bar at the bottom goes to zero for a while then returns to normal. Looks like a bug to me?
  2. Nuggets go for a swim

    Save file: https://ufile.io/1g29d Build: 27.20828 Severity: 3 I don't know how this wood got under water, but now I have a handful of Nuggets walking around in circles underwater trying to pick them up. I just assigned one of these guys to a job and it seems he is not going to ever show up for work until he has gotten his hands on this wood.
  3. Reservior

    The tier 3 or level 3 reservoir has no increased capacity compared to the tier 2 or level 2 capacity only a different appearance while it takes more resources to build it.
  4. Severity: 3 Versions: V26 - all versions Early on in the game, the nuggets insist on drinking from lakes - even when there are plenty of wells and restaurants Problem: The wells , etc early on have VERY little capacity/refill and a player lacks resources and labor to build a lot of wells Temp work around: player must build a LOT more wells and restaurants than they should early on Reproduction: 100% of the time on every play through Suggestion: A slight increase to well capacity and/or refill rate to begin with. Eventually this should be a "difficulty" settings issue IMO
  5. Water problems

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how to keep my water from evaporating or freezing. Is it based on where I choose to start my civilization? Or do I have to wait until I learn a new skill? If the wolves don’t destroy me, or a tornado doesn’t wreck my village than it’s the shortage of water that kills my progress. Lol
  6. SPECS : Windows 7 64bit Intel I7 2600K (3,4 GHZ) 8 GB RAM Nvidia GTX 770 Reproduce: * Hover over a liquid with cursor * Hold CTRL
  7. Water Problems

    Hello, It seems there is a problem with building multiple buildings, at least for the water related things... I build one water pump and one tank and when my population grew i tried to build another pump but nothing happens when i click on the icon for the water pump... the menu closes and its back to nothing. can anyone help me? am i doing something wrong?
  8. Crash throwing Nugget

    Crash throwing Nugget Steps to reproduce: I tried to throw a second dead Nugget into a lake. Build information & game settings: latest build( Graphics at Maximum, V-SYNC is off, fullscreen, Audio 7.1 more informations in screenshots crash.dmp DxDiag.txt error.log output_log.txt
  9. V 0.0.8 Cannot Place Water Pump

    This is technically two bugs in one but I think they are connected. I am playing on Windows 10 in the standalone game. When I started McPatchface the game started as normal, except all but one of the lakes on my planet were lumped together. I put my epicenter near the stand alone lake. I had the tutorials on. I built a few stone huts and constructors hut. I went to try and place the pump and it wouldn't let me. In previous builds the pump would snap to the side of the lake. This time it would not and there was the light beam coming from the lake. The pump would move around through the lake and not snap like it had previously. I'm sorry I didn't grab a screenshot.