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Found 22 results

  1. Build version: v26 Description: Most nuggets getting stuck when loading back into a game that is in creators mode. Reproduction: Create map in creators mode, play a little until Archive, save and then load (no need to quit) and 90% of the nuggets will be stuck doing nothing no matter how long you wait or what you do. Happens to me 100% of the time, no matter what, tried multiple new games. Relevant images and saves: I have provided two different worlds, both in creators mode and in both the same exact bug. Since the saves are bigger than 3.91mb i can't attach them so i provided a download link below https://ufile.io/zofke https://ufile.io/tz6pv
  2. Version: V26 Experimental using Steam I started a new game today and made it to Year 250. I noticed some issues that seemed to compound as time went on. Sorry I won't be listing any triggers here cuz it seems (to me anyway) that time going on itself is the trigger. It was really only a handful of things though. -Nuggets walking undergound or underwater (though I only saw that a couple times) -Nuggets walking around with half of their bodies underground (from the waist-down) -Flashes of color across the screen mostly in the sky -Animals (mostly Mammoths) moving around without animations (feet moving), parts of their bodies (like their feet) in the ground or walking on top of water -One last extra thing is by the time I reached Year 243 and saved and exited the game, some of the sounds seemed to stop working; clicking on buildings, the wind blowing, things like that I would give all of the points above a Severity level of 1 as they occurred but were very minor. Except for those above, the game ran pretty smoothly; I had no freezes, crashes, slowing down or issues saving or loading the game (though when you click on/open the Archive, it does slow down a little bit.) I was able to run the game with all the graphics options set at maximum with no performance problems. -This one isn't really an issue (at the moment) but I thought I'd mention it anyway. Once the Nuggets start building Tudor buildings reproduction seems to slow down by a lot even if you have a large number of unassigned Laborers (which, to me, it seems do most of the reproducing) -Again not really an issue but the amount of fish listed in a Fishing Pier seems to be constant and never drops That's all for now
  3. Severity: 3 Versions: V26 - all versions Early on in the game, the nuggets insist on drinking from lakes - even when there are plenty of wells and restaurants Problem: The wells , etc early on have VERY little capacity/refill and a player lacks resources and labor to build a lot of wells Temp work around: player must build a LOT more wells and restaurants than they should early on Reproduction: 100% of the time on every play through Suggestion: A slight increase to well capacity and/or refill rate to begin with. Eventually this should be a "difficulty" settings issue IMO
  4. Severity: 4 Versions: V26, V26 Hotfixes 1&2 The game shows I have 311 wood, and 125 refined wood. However, I only have 4 wood and 7 refined wood between all storages. So where's it counting all that wood? I looked high and low thinking that it may be on the ground... I couldnt find it anywhere. My nuggets stopped upgrading things because they can't seem to find these mystery resources. The same thing happens with stone, etc, etc I removed all my warehouses, and the issue persisted. I think these missing resources are underground or someplace the nuggets cant get them. In fact, when I removed ALL the warehouses, my resource count did not change AT ALL. so where did those resources go from the destroyed warehouses? I've suspected this in many playthroughs. However, I've tested this in 4 playthroughs now This could be why so many players are having issues with things not building in the game. The nuggets simply can't find those resources. the screenshot below is after I destroyed all my warehouses Reproduction: 100% of the time. The count never matches whats in storage + ground + local building storage. The problem gets worse as the game progresses in time and more resources are amassed. EDIT: I found the cause. When a player UPGRADES a warehouse, the old one is "demolished." this causes the resources to get "dumped" and they end up invisible or underground. Yet the game still counts them which is very misleading and causes problems with the nuggets
  5. Severity: 4 Description: The workers in them just sit in there and "do nothing" Replacing workers does not help Demolishing the buildings and rebuilding has worked for me giving me work a round, but others have said this doesn't help them Reproduction: Random and with time
  6. Once you are over 200 pop with 6+ cemeteries that are upgraded, they just eat up your wood. I cant cut and process wood fast enough Idea: They should upgrade to use gas
  7. Severity: 4 Once you start to cover a lot of area, like in my screenshot, and have a pop of 200+ the game's FPS goes way down If you look at my screenshot, my GPU really is NOT busy at all. So the cause is something else I know this will take a while to fix and tune which is why I'm bringing it up now Specs i7-2600K @ 5.1GHz 32GB RAM GTX 1080Ti
  8. See screenshot severity 1 always happens
  9. Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 Description: Tooltips getting stuck Reproduction: happens randomly Workaround: generating another tooltip clears the stuck one
  10. Build version: V26 Severity on a scale of 1-5: 4 Description: Randomly they just stand there doing nothing, and that kills them as they starve, etc to death. Reproduction: It just happens randomly, and unless you keep on top of it, it can wipe your civ out I only have 2 doing this out of 160. So as long as the player can pick them up and drop them, its a temp work around, but if it gets out of hand... LOL Often they are stuck on SOMETHING (a building, on a tree, on a rock, on a lakeshore, etc).. but the odd thing is they aren't trying to do something. It's not like they are STUCK and still trying to go someplace.. They literally are doing nothing LOL TEMP SOLUTION: picking up the nugget, and gently dropping it "fixes" it. It will then go eat, drink, etc and return to normal productivity AFTER PICKING UP AND DROPPING NUGGET:
  11. Version: v26 Severity: 2 Description: The God power Le Cupidon highlights nuggets in phase 3 of their life who can't reproduce Reproduction: 100% reproduction as this always happens. Simply use the power and if an OLD nugget is single, they will turn pink or blue
  12. Quest says to use REJUVINILE power.. it should be Rejuvinate
  13. The game will sometimes crash on the loading screen when loading a save. It usually faults in mono.dll Also the loading screen will often severely lag or freeze. This lag/freeze can take a few minutes to up to TEN minutes to resolve The bigger the save (more nuggets, buildings, etc) the longer that load takes and is more crash prone.
  14. Trees are problematic. 1) They do not "regrow" - they should 2) I should be able to "plant" them with a god power Tree get used up so fast that it's a problem
  15. When the game is in quad, surround, 7.1 or 5.1 the music will fade in and out and sometimes get VERY loud and also has a lot of popping and static Only stereo seems stable
  16. There seems to be a problem with nuggets taking care of themselves 1) Part of the issue is PATHING. Often they are picking a well, restaurant, etc VERY far away when there's one very close 2) The biggest issue seem exhaustion. When it hits 0, they aren't "just falling asleep" like they should. They just move VERY slow and keep working until they die. Even if their food and drink runs out, they will NOT go eat and drink. 3) Also the priority seems to be off. There should be a priority that nuggets take care of things when ALL of them are low or 0 food or drink should be number 1 and 2 rest should be third unless it's 0 and they fall asleep 4) Nuggets are also not going to eat/drink/sleep soon enough. They seem to be "waiting until it's too late" sometimes.. 5) Picking up and dropping a nugget seems to fix it , temporarily. When you do that, the nugget will go eat, drink, etc
  17. Nuggets are wandering all over the planet to get the following things and they starve to death and dehydrate doing it 1) Dropped resources from other nuggets that died VERY far away 2) food 3) herbs 4) trees 5) stone Once you build a food source and have food, nuggets should STOP going after food (no foraging) unless you run out The same goes for herbs. Once you have an herb farm, the doctors need to get the herbs from storage, NOT wander around the planet If a nugget drops something due to death, and it's too far away, other nuggets should ignore what is dropped This is VERY problematic when you have a huge ocean (like i do) that spreads over 60% of the planet (it has 60 million gallons of water to give you an idea on how big it is) Also nuggets can sometimes walk FOREVER to get stone, wood, food, etc when there's a ton nearby EDIT: This seems to be only an issue around LARGE bodies of water
  18. Kickstart has no effect when casting on an exhausted nugget
  19. In the God Powers, if you don't have enough believers it is wrongly spelled as "Beliveres".
  20. they are going in and getting stuck at 40 health.. and the healthbar looks odd
  21. Please let us hit ESC to skip that SUPPPPPPER long intro when starting a new game It gets really old when we have to restart a log due to bugs and have to sit through it Well also if we dont like the "random seed" for the starter planet, it's annoying to exit and go through all that right off again
  22. I have about 80 nuggets and auto and manual save wont work.. it just sits there at Saving..... esc clears the window, but the game is not saved. Deleting the archive and rebuilding doesn't help. The save feature worked earlier but then just stopped. I even let it sit at "saving..." for 15 mins and nothing. Suggestion: GET RID this archive/save feature and just let the player save and auto save from the main menu... EDIT: I have confirmed autosave is the problem. After so many autosaves, the game just stops. Making a new building does not fix this. You must shut the game down and reload your save. Turning of auto save prevents this problem EDIT: This still happens with autosave turned off, it just takes a lot longer to happen EDIT: APPEARS FIXED WITH THE HOTFIX