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Found 1 result

  1. V 26.19695 Scale of breaking 3-4, it starts out inconvenient then just snowballs out of control. I seem to be hitting the same issue every time I reach the end of the stone age when buildings start requiring refined stone and wood. I've built several refineries and warehouses to store all the resources that the buildings need to exist, but my Nuggets just won't construct the buildings or upgrade existing ones that need anything more advanced than stone or wood. I'm sitting on a bunch of iron and refined goods, have plenty of educated Nuggets, have a courier's hut built and staffed, and my civilization is about to crumble again because buildings are starting to require power and no matter how many times I click prioritize, they just leave the advanced buildings and power plants as foundations on the ground. Am I doing something wrong or have I encountered a bug involving refined stone, wood and iron?