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Found 2 results

  1. Bugged upgrades - SOLVED

    Bug: Nuggets refuse to start/complete buildings. Consistency (the issue happens always under certain conditions, or is it random). This happens every time an upgrade perk has been learned for a building type. That building type will be bugged for the rest of the game. Steps to reproduce or a clear description of the context (ie. context of random crash: "alyways after year 60, and not before building 5 houses and having 25 nuggets"). Learn an upgrade for a building type, i.e learn the fist upgrade for the eatery. Thereafter the eatery will be bugged, laying down plans for a new eatery will result in nuggets ignoring those plans. Likewise, pressing "upgrade" button for that building type will also be ignored. Build information & game settings. Huff & Puff, video: Max settings, nugget juice: on (purple), happens with either Celsius or Fahrenheit setting, Tutorials on and off. All other settings untouched. Windows 10 pro, i5 8600, 16gb DDR4 2600, GTX Strix 1080
  2. Feature Suggestion

    I noticed that although there is a prioritization feature for the building element there isn't one for the upgrade element. I believe adding a prioritization method for building upgrades could benefit the game greatly as I'd rather upgrade one of my food sources than build an extra which is currently a problem as the Nuggets are taking their time upgrading 10 different things.