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Found 4 results

  1. I have at least 10 Iron Mines going and none of the buildings I want to build or upgrade is getting these materials and they are FAR more important than the house upgrades currently. I have absolutely every research point and I am unable to build 50% of the other buildings because I don't have the correct factories and materials to do so. This is making the game EXTREMELY tedious and boring. This is not a matter of making the game more difficult it is simply a broken system. However, I think the easy fix is simply to implement a feature that allows us to turn off housing upgrades. In fact, a far more in-depth system would be even better. One that allows us to further get into advanced features of turning off and on certain upgrades for anything and everything. Whatever you decide, something desperately needs to be done. I am literally about to give up on this until I hear of a fix. It is quite frustrating. Nothing I do helps, I am stuck in a loop of nothingness. lol. I have basically spent the last 1 - 1 1/2 hours just watching houses upgrade and upgrading research. Now research is maxed there is nothing else to do but look at the screen and hope something happens to benefit me. Basically I can't get anywhere past a cement and glass factory because houses won't stop upgrading and using all the materials I need. With that said, another good idea might be to make a priority button for upgrading buildings.
  2. Prioritize Upgrades

    I still would like to see a priority tab for upgrades. The one for the buildings work awesome most of the time but sometimes when you require an upgrade and you want it to happen earlier than the queue there's nothing you can do until your nuggets go through the entire building and upgrade queue just to get to a particular upgrade you want to have happen earlier and sometimes that queue can be quite extensive between me placing upcoming builds/upgrades and the nuggets building more housing
  3. Bugged upgrades - SOLVED

    Bug: Nuggets refuse to start/complete buildings. Consistency (the issue happens always under certain conditions, or is it random). This happens every time an upgrade perk has been learned for a building type. That building type will be bugged for the rest of the game. Steps to reproduce or a clear description of the context (ie. context of random crash: "alyways after year 60, and not before building 5 houses and having 25 nuggets"). Learn an upgrade for a building type, i.e learn the fist upgrade for the eatery. Thereafter the eatery will be bugged, laying down plans for a new eatery will result in nuggets ignoring those plans. Likewise, pressing "upgrade" button for that building type will also be ignored. Build information & game settings. Huff & Puff, video: Max settings, nugget juice: on (purple), happens with either Celsius or Fahrenheit setting, Tutorials on and off. All other settings untouched. Windows 10 pro, i5 8600, 16gb DDR4 2600, GTX Strix 1080
  4. Feature Suggestion

    I noticed that although there is a prioritization feature for the building element there isn't one for the upgrade element. I believe adding a prioritization method for building upgrades could benefit the game greatly as I'd rather upgrade one of my food sources than build an extra which is currently a problem as the Nuggets are taking their time upgrading 10 different things.