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Found 3 results

  1. I would like to suggest an auto upgrade solution once Town Hall is implemented and resources allow. I currently have over 200 nuggets and I have approx 110 laborers due to my mishap of management issue (I left them to their devices and they just spread like a pox XD) and now I keep researching and building them workplaces and barely keep up with stuff, upgrades are necessary in many places and I can't keep up XDDD The town hall auto upgrade would be of great help, Nuggets upgrade their houses autonomously anyway so please include this in 0.29 update would you ? Though I am very happy my nuggets are so healthy for once in a new game XD Usually they are getting swept up by tornadoes ... /me looks away
  2. - After performing an upgrade on warehouse it "forgets" which resources to store and which no to store. - In the hunting hut the progress on hunting certain animals and the bonus damage corelating with it are lost after an upgrade and is set to 0 again. As fare as i can tell stored resources aren't lost in the progress of upgrading those buildings.
  3. Okay.. so all of my stone huts have the upgrade flag. The question is.. how do they get upgraded? Do nuggets just mystically figure this out and say "Yanno, I think I want a bigger house for me, my spouse, and my 8 kids"? There is no upgrade button so I don't know if that's the bug, but I thought the perk was something about divine knowledge so I'm thinking they'll just do it eventually? That was one of the things I was most excited for in this patch besides the watchtower (while a good idea, I haven't seen any animal attacks!), and the bigger hunter's cabin. If anyone has any insight into this, please let me know! Thanks! Okay..... so I just happened to turn my camera angle from the center of my village and low and behold...