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Found 3 results

  1. Updates

    Hi! I am using the universim version realesed at Steam. Basic features (that I have already reported) are not working for me. As you update the game, will my game be updated to or do I have to buy the game again once it is finished?
  2. Updating updates forever?

    So I haven't been playing in a while and 4 new updates have come out. I've been eager to play but when the launcher starts updating it just gets stuck on 27% forever. I am aware that this is a glitch that may happen with the launcher (That it gets stuck) but I let it load and load and load for over 4 hours, I waited. Nothing happened, no crashes, no errors. I still haven't tried just reinstalling yet, but I thought I might just say anyways, since this may become a problem.
  3. Hello Ladies and Gentlenuggets! ‌We would firstly like to extend a warm, festive greeting to all our fans enjoying the holidays. No matter how you spend this wonderful time, we wish you and your families the absolute best for the new year ahead. This patch not only brings with it some much-needed fixes and additions, but also a new naming convention that will help us to track version feedback. This patch is nicknamed Liquid Stone, so feel free to reference this when reporting any issues or discussing the build. The new Stone Age soundtrack is also now available to everyone who backed at the Dimetrodon level or above. You can find it in your dashboard. Furthermore, if you have yet to hear about it, we were recently nominated for IndieDB’s Indie of the Year Award 2015, and have already made it into the top 100! If you would like to vote for us, you can find the voting page right here. This is for the Upcoming Games category. It would be an honor for us to be considered one of the top 10 Indie games of the year, and a great opportunity to spread the word about the game. Without further ado, let’s jump into the patch notes: UI / UX - Construction Menu optimizations- Constructor’s Hut panel added- News History Log panel added- Nugget List panel upgraded- Settings menu (In progress)- Worker ID panel tooltips added- Upgraded eatery panel- Warehouse healthbar fixed- New Seasons panel implemented- Year is broken down into four seasons, which have dynamic length governed by climate rules- Min and max forecasted temperature is displayed for each month- Seasons panel tooltips added- Construction Menu lock icon swap- Main UI grayed out buttons fixed- Nugget List panel tooltips added- Construction Menu tooltips added- Construction Menu Builder’s Hut icon added BUG FIXES - Fixed an issue with the Nuggets’ thumbnail images- Fixed an issue that caused a crash while loading- Fixed an issue that caused a crash during Nugget reproduction- Fixed an issue with camera water effects not being removed when clouds are destroyed- Fixed an issue with the lumberjack profession that caused a Nugget to remain Idle- Fixed an issue with the farm panel that displayed reverted plot resources- Fixed an issue with the framer's label on the farm panel- Fixed an issue with the Construction Menu that caused menu items to overlap- Fixed an issue with the Nugget age indicator still ticking after death- Fixed an issue caused by a Nugget's death resulting in Key Buildings malfunctioning- Fixed an issue that caused desert rocks to be misplaced during planet generation- Fixed an issue with palm trees not rendering correctly- Fixed an issue with depth sorting on some of the shaders causing uncommon clipping issues NEW CONTENT - Reference to the new Constructor's Hut (Balance Needed)- Building Condition mechanics implemented- Introduced a News History Log panel- The Granary building has been removed. Warehouses are now storing food as well (Balancing Needed)- A Nugget’s info card will no longer show the Nugget from a different camera, but will display a thumbnail- Redesigned Seasons panel (Still In Progress) GAME BALANCE - Twins Possibility changed to 20%- Nuggets now live longer: Minimum Adult Age changed from 550 to 770, Max Adult Age changed from 650 to 999- Turned off Farm Crop temperature sensitivity. Better seasonal balancing required in order to run it effectively. (In progress)- Upon starting a new game, Adahy and Elu will now start with 2 children, one male and one female. AUDIO - Music vs ambient sound balance tweaked- Stone Age music levels tweaked- Increased volume of Nugget voices- Increased volume of Nugget footsteps- New Desert Ambience Day- New Desert Ambience Night- New Forest Ambience- New Night Forest Ambience- New Grassland Ambience- New Nigh Grassland- New Mountain Ambience- New Ocean Ambience- New Ocean Ambience Shore- New Space Ambience- New Space Ambience Zoom Out- New Zoom Camera Sound- New Forest Ambience Autumn- New Forest Ambience Winter- New Forest Ambience Spring- New Forest Ambience Summer- New Rain Forest- New Rain Water PERFOMANCE IMPROVEMENTS - Tweaked shadow quality on both Great and Good settings. Shadows now have proper cascade updates and look sharper at closer distances, allowing for better performance and better visuals.- Tweaked texture settings to boost performance. Texture filtering options tweaked. PATCHER / LAUNCHER - Added 9 retries for each file from the game data for slow/unstable network connections- Fixed a problem with 64-bit Windows systems that caused the patcher to fail to properly update files- Windows/Linux version patchier now creates launcher-debug. log file in the game directory. This file contains detailed information on the patching process and should be zipped and included in the bug report(s) if any problems are encountered. Thank you,CRYTIVO GAMES CREW