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Found 12 results

  1. The March Update V0.0.31 news

    Update about the Update for March Ok people listen up. I have some news about this subject. The internal Q&A of version 0.0.31 have shown 2 major bugs. This has resulted that the External Q&A was not there yet . So according to the DEV's we work to the following dates: - Today the external Q&A team will receive the built with those major bugs fixed. - March 4th, experimental update will be rolled out on Steam. - March 6-7th Main if everything is good and smooth we will roll out the update to the mainbranch Note: Experimental built will be with the logging option enabled, the main built will be without the logging enabled So sitck with us
  2. To Quote Alex : Unfortunately we encountered multiple serious bugs which were reported by people who are playing right now on the experimental branch. We are fixing those bugs as fast as we can, but some of them unfortunately take time and that is the major reason why it is not officially out. We would like to release this patch with less bugs as possible and provide you with a pleasant experience instead of frustration. We sincerely apologize for the delay and we truly hope for your understanding. If someone would like to try the patch right now despite facing some bugs, you are most welcome to check our experimental branch. It is open for everyone and has all the new content. Currently we just patching as much as we can the game and trying to solve all the issues that we encounter. What does it mean? If you want to test the current built , make sure you download the Experimental Patch , which gives you the V0.30 that we all have been testing the last couple of days. The DEV team is working very hard and is Q/A testing the current new built. This built has a lot of bugs killed that the people found out from the Experimental Patch. I found a bug on the current built? Well yes , there are some bugs still in the experimental built , that is being adressed with the current test built. What you can do is:Wait until the new patch goes live , to see if the bugs are fixed. Check the forum's to check if your bug already has been reported.If you see a bug that is not listed , make sure you post it at the forums:Bug Report Also contact the DEV's on discord (https://discord.gg/crytivo)They will need your savegame / crashlog How to find the data needed? Below are the save game file paths. Only post the save file that is relevant to the report.Save game folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves Settings & Log file folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The UniversimCrash files & Log file folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\CrashDumps
  3. [V27] Initial thoughts.

    So I'll start with the news and how I see the game developing so far. The update cleaned up a few issues, which is great I must say, the graphical level somewhat improved or that may be me not playing the game for a month because I was busy. I like the icons on notifications now, I know what they represent so it's easy to decide to skip or read. I like how I can check a Nugget to see if they are my faithful minions or not. I experimented and it's easier to impress the Nuggets than before, that's a good thing. My first use of lightning kinda surprised me, but it also scared the hell out of my Nuggets. I can clearly see some buildings went with some major overhauls, that's very nice actually, I haven't built all that many so I don't know the scope of the improvements but so far so good. I'm yet to enjoy punishing Nuggets so I'll put that off for later. Unfortunately this is where the praises end. Despite many posts the research is still an inconsistent pile of rubble, it's even more chaotic now than it ever was. Dependent research is placed early in the tree while it's requirement is deep in the forest, normally if you have a requirement for something you put the dependencies behind it not before it. It surprises me that algorithm makers don't see it. You guys are programmers and you use Algorithms in your game yet you do not make a convenient way of presenting Dependencies and Requirements. Since you insist on doing the research despite my concerns and many posts about this with which many people posting here do agree, at the very least you could make sure the research tab is consistent, the placement is convenient with requirements AFTER the Dependencies, and sorted properly with divisions instead of everything depends on everything else. Dividing research tabs gives more flexibility and allows focusing on specific tasks instead of chasing after food research while abandoning clean water supply. Water and food supplies are equally important so I don't see why fishing which was historically developed AFTER hunting because it requires more advanced tools should be before Fishing and fishing should be a hunting dependency. Current: Fire>eatery>fishing>something>something else>hunting Should be: Fire> Hunting >Fishing>Eatery>upgrades As I already explained this several times, there needs to be more divisions, less dependencies, consistent requirement Followed by dependencies and more focused work. Currently there's total chaos in the research tab and this is a huge problem. You also extended the research timers which is not a good thing. Saving games is still bugged, although a reinstall of the game does fix it for some reason. Some of the graphic options still require a game restart, if you do not want to focus on that how about making an external setup for graphics adjustment so people don't need to run the game twice just to adjust their graphics setup, most games allow anisotropy settings to be changed without restarting the game. I honestly don't remember a game that required me to do that last time.
  4. So guys, i was following the Forums in the Background a while. Always reading crytivos promises here and there and yeah i was one of those who believed them, because human tend to believe in stuff like god, church and yeah. but.. is it just me or did actually Nothing Change ? for me it seems like its the same old game they gave us months ago with the same old Bugs and the same Nuggets. Nothing i see is really new (except that new `inventions hub´ that is actually useless as it can be acting on its own and so on) That ´new age´ seems just like a Show.. or just.. call it scam to get ppl to buy the game because it was in the last build of the game too (except a few Upgrades) and serves no real reason. yes its an Alpha and so on but come on is there really like just one Person working on that game? on an part time Job? Nothing is Happening, Nothing new is coming and this after months yes ideas.. ideas here and there dont Keep People from starving, Actions do, and i myself dont see any Actions here what About you guys? i had big hopes for that but i burried them along with my 130 Nuggets wich i killed with my own Hands when the game didnt wanted to save last time.. they loved me but when the ship is sinking my Crew is gonna sink with it!
  5. Dear Community We would like to take a moment of your time to have a pre-release chat with you about The Universim. We wanted to approach it as somewhat of an AMA session, where you can hit us with any questions you might have about the game. We want to ensure you know exactly what to expect from the Early Access launch. Your enthusiasm and excitement is amazing, and we don’t want you to dive in without hearing all the facts. We’ll be discussing the content included in the August 28 release and chatting about our future plans. Here’s some good info to know: The Universim is a planet management god game, merging some ideas from god games with city building elements. You are charged with guiding a new species, called the Nuggets, through the ages. You don’t control Nuggets directly. Instead, you influence their decisions by placing Key Buildings and selecting research paths. Nuggets will then construct buildings, perform the research, and unknowingly do your bidding. There will be four distinct eras in the game, each bringing unique challenges and new mechanics. These include the Stone Age, Medieval Era, Industrial Age, and Space Age. Currently, you’ll be able to progress up until the Industrial Age (end of Medieval). While your guidance is more important in the Stone Age, you’ll see the civilization advance and become more autonomous in later eras. The Industrial and Space Ages are still in development, particularly the colonization and exploration aspects of the Space Age. You can see some sneak peeks of alien planets and wildlife on our social channels. Every star in the sky will eventually be a seed for a new procedurally-generated planet you can visit and colonize. Alien planets will have varying conditions and diverse environments and wildlife. Some will be more difficult to tame than others, but the rewards might just be worth it. Use your technology and powers to alter the climates of planets you discover. In fact, the very first planet you’ll be playing on, Mother Planet, is procedurally generated. The planet will change every time you replay the game. Resources on planets are finite and easily depletable. By aggressively pursuing advancement and industry, you can consume every last resource on a planet, leaving it in ruin. If you deplete your home planet’s reserves, you’ll be forced to begin colonizing others or face extinction as the planet crumbles around your civilization. There are currently two game modes in development Story Mode - This is the main campaign of The Universim. You’ll guide the Nugget Civilization from stone to space, helping them to evolve and expand. You will receive quests to perform and see the story develop as you play. At this stage of development, we only have a bit of narration and a few voice lines implemented for our in-game Narrator, named Seed. We are not ready to introduce the main story yet, as our focus is on completing the various eras, but you’ll pick up on a few things here and there. We don’t want to spoil it with little pieces here and there. We’re considering releasing it in chapters or all at once when it’s ready. Until then, you can enjoy some VO that doesn’t relate too much to the core story. Creator Mode - This will be our version of a sandbox mode. You’ll be able to customize settings that affect the difficulty of the game, including how much micromanagement is required. There’s a good reason for this. Our community consists of two types of players: fans that love a more involved management experience, and fans that enjoy kicking back with a more relaxing experience. We hope to please both of these groups. In this mode, resource values will be tweaked, there won’t be any quests, and advancement through the ages will be handled differently than the traditional research tree approach we developed for Story Mode. Development progress and plans The Universim has been in development for quite some time now. Our team has concentrated on the in-game simulation engine that powers all of the complex systems in the game, such as procedural generation, AI interactions/behavior, weather systems, and so on. It was an enormous undertaking, but we never wanted to compromise our vision of creating organic, living worlds. We didn’t want to have yet another static backdrop upon which you play; we wanted worlds where everything is connected and reacts to a multitude of actions. For example, every tree on the planet plays an important role. By cutting them down, you alter the oxygen levels on the planet. This eventually leads to a global rise in temperature, which influences water levels in oceans and lakes, affects wildlife, and so on. By hunting too aggressively, you can cause certain animal species to go extinct. You really need to be careful with how you treat the planet, if you intend to be a benevolent god. We are very proud of our achievements in this area, even though it took us longer than we initially planned. In our defense, we don’t know of any other project with the same scope and team size that was developed faster. Is it a god game or a city building game? The Universim is a mix of both. It’s a very unique game, and we didn’t want to limit ourselves creatively by making it “just like that other game”. We wanted it to be a fresh experience, even though we certainly draw inspiration from some of the greats of yesteryear. If you loved games like Black & White, Spore, Civilization, SimCity, or Populous, you’ll probably love The Universim. What’s next? Following the Steam release, we will return to our monthly patch schedule. This means we’ll be rolling out new content, features, bug fixes, and more on the first day of every month (if there aren’t unforeseen delays or some extra polish being applied). We might need a day or two more if new systems require some additional work, but we’ll do our best to stick to the schedule. Our team is already hard at work on the Industrial (modern) Age and assets for alien planet generation in the Space Age. However, there are a few larger systems that still need to be implemented: Satellite Editor: You’ll be able to build and launch satellites prior to sending a ship to scout or colonize a planet. We want planet discovery and colonization to be an exciting and rewarding experience. It will certainly be a major milestone for your civilization. Rover Editor: Every planet possesses natural resources, but identifying which planets are worth your time will require a rover to analyze its properties. You will be able to customize and equip rovers with powerful tools to get the job done. Rocket Editor: Similar to the Satellite Editor, you’ll be able to customize your spaceships. Equip them with special engines, shields, fuel tanks, and so on. Every planet will have unique characteristics that will require certain gear and attachments before you can safely send Nuggets to it. Nugget AI improvements and automation: We plan to continue working on Nugget behavior to make them even more quirky and believable. We’re looking into adding a crime system that involves prisons, executions, and rehabilitation centers. They will also have more interesting behavior when out of a job, like playing cards outside, having picnics, staring at clouds, drawing pictures, and communicating with their fellow Nuggets. We also want Nuggets to celebrate certain events like major achievements, the beginning of a new year, and so on. As a god, you’ll be able to choose how much you want to be involved in their day-to-day lives. Nuggets will construct most of the buildings on their own, if you decide to leave them to their own devices. However, they’re not going to make perfect decisions (we all know they aren’t the brightest creatures), but you’ll be there to help out if needed. They’ll almost certainly need it at some point. Religion and Exile Villages: Based on your actions, or lack thereof, Nuggets might leave your village and form their own. You will not have control over these (but you can always throw a disaster or two their way, if you so choose). These villages will not be hostile from the very beginning, but they might eventually threaten or attack your budding civilization. You can intervene or allow your Nuggets to handle it. Of course, they might bring something positive as well. Keep an eye on the situation. In addition to this system, we are also planning to introduce worship behavior to Nuggets. This can involve sacrifice or prayer, which generates extra Creator Points for casting powers. Campaign and story development: As mentioned, the main game will have a story to tell. You’ll hear the voice of Seed, who will advise you and comment on occurrences or milestones in your civilization. There will be a number of quests to complete of varying importance. We believe that The Universim will benefit greatly from this addition, as it will add a whole new layer of life and fun to the game. A Brief Roadmap: After the Steam release, you can expect the following systems to start rolling out: Nugget Leaders, election process, and law system Exile Villages, which might attack or initiate trade with your main city Nugget Government System: jails, executions, and rehabilitation centers Plastic, Glass, Metal, and other types of Factories Industrial Age buildings Alien planets, Satellites, and Rovers Rockets and Colonization Campaign Story This is a very small summary and only roughly in order. We will have a more detailed roadmap for you at a later date. What’s coming in the Steam update: Completely reworked Research System. Our goal with this is to add more choice for players, such as which buildings to unlock or skip. New Quest System, along with several quests. Each Prayer Quest has a number of possible outcomes, and it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll help or not. Dramatically reworked AI. Reworked Farm System. Additionally, all bushes are now dynamically generated. Narration and commentary. We’re rolling this out now, but it will not have main story content enabled yet. You will be introduced to “Seed”, without spoilers. Redesigned and improved Tudor housing system. All Medieval Era houses are also generated procedurally. 3 Types of Electricity generation added: Wind Turbines, Kinetic Electricity Generators, and Gas Plant (with Gas Mines). You’ll be able to select which route your civilization take, environmentally friendly or resource intensive. You can only unlock one type of electricity generation at a time. Creator Mode improved and updated. We will continue working on it to improve the experience further. New dynamic tips/tutorial system. Now you’ll get tips when a new feature is introduced or a new building with complex mechanics is constructed. Completely redesigned Cemetery AI Completely redesigned Engineer’s Hut AI Improved Hunters Hut AI In-game Wiki panel. It will offer all the useful information you might need. Quest event attention system. If you hear the Narrator commenting on something, or you’re reading a quest, you can now click on the eye button and the camera will fly to the point of interest automatically. Town Hall with Nugget Shifts and auto-assignment system. The Town Hall is the building that will introduce automation to the game. A Governor Nugget, if assigned, will enable the Nugget work assignment process. This means that buildings with empty slots will automatically be filled with the most suitable free Nugget, without your intervention. This is one of the systems we mentioned that will allow you to control how much micromanagement you want to have. Later, you’ll be able to assign other Minister Nuggets that will handle the automation of other tasks. For example, the Minister of Agriculture will be able to place and construct Farms and Eateries, while the Minister of Water will construct Water Pumps and Reservoirs. Shift System. When the Nugget Shift system is introduced after the placement of the Town Hall, Nuggets will work without interruption until the end of their shift. This means they won’t suddenly leave their work to eat, drink, or mate. Instead, Nuggets will perform personal matters after their shift once the next Nugget arrives to take over. Improved Nugget visualisation system. Now, when Nuggets get old, their hair will turn white to indicate their age; their skin will turn green if they are sick; and later, a Nugget’s skin tone will be transferred via genetics to their children. Ability to drop resources on construction zones. You are now able to help with construction by picking up and dropping resources directly onto construction zones. Season Change Power: now you can change seasons if you have enough Creator Points. This is quite useful if you haven’t properly prepared for winter. Nugget resource gathering redesign. Nuggets will make smarter decisions when they gather resources for their tasks. Improved animal spawning across the planet. Dramatic performance improvements. Hundreds of bugs fixed (believe us, it’s a lot). Residential block construction improvements. Nuggets will now build houses closer to neighbors and the Epicenter. Water Pumps will no longer pump water if local temperatures drop too low and water sources freeze. Reservoirs are your friends! Use them to store water for cold months. Faith system reworked. More info will be available at a later date. This is just a small summary of the most noticeable changes in the game. There are tons of other things that were changed, improved, fixed, or reworked behind the scenes. We are so proud to see our in-game Prometheus engine working better than ever. There are hundreds of complex operations happening in the game every frame, and it’s handling it all superbly. This includes things like all of the Nugget/animal AI, building logic, biomes, weather + climate (temperature changes), seasonal changes, resource usage affecting the planet, and so on. The Universim is a unique and challenging experience. We hope you’ll love everything about it, and we hope all of this info gives you a better understanding of the effort that has gone into the game and where the project currently stands. We are sure there will still be some bugs that slip through, and you’ll notice some unpolished features. However, we promise to work closely with you to fix all of these issues in a timely manner. Come August 28, we hope you have a better idea of what to expect. The full patch notes will be released in August to let you know everything we’re adding, fixing, and removing. Again, please feel free to ask us any questions regarding the game and our plans for the future. Our team is crazy busy preparing for the Steam launch, and we truly hope you find a lot to love, even in its Early Access state. The Universim has a very special place in our hearts, and we’ve spent years getting it to where it is now. We look forward to having you join the community! Please treat this thread as a Q&A on the topic of The Universim’s Steam launch. Feel free to ask us a few questions and we’ll answer them as soon as we’re able. If you want to drop us feedback or suggestions, please head on over to our forums here. We’d love to hear from you. https://theuniversim.com/learn-more-about-the-universim-s-steam-release-what-to-expec
  6. GREETINGS, CREATORS! We hope you had an amazing E3 and took some time to digest all of the delicious game reveals and new info pouring out from its doors. While you were enjoying the show, our team was hard at work developing new features and coming up with crazy design ideas for The Universim. Today, we would like to talk about a feature you’ve been requesting for ages - Exile Villages Exile Villages will pop up around the planet. These villages will grow alongside your own, eventually threatening and attacking your civilization. We think these villages offer an amazing opportunity to test your Creator Powers. However, you may want to refrain from rushing out to wipe them off of the face of the planet, as they could also offer you something very valuable. Exile Villages will be formed by Nuggets who have lost faith in you. Certain actions or a lack thereof might cause Nuggets in need to become frustrated and leave. Of course, there will be situations where their demands are completely ridiculous, so it’s almost impossible to please everyone. There could even come a time when you must choose between helping one Nugget or another. Every Exile Village will have its own population, threat level, and evolution progress, which you can reveal by clicking on them. They will contact your civilization’s leaders with demands or trade offers as time goes by. Refusing or ignoring these messages will, as you can likely guess, end in conflict. Our design philosophy with The Universim is to give you as much choice as possible, ensuring you have the ability to decide the outcome of almost any situation, either by ignoring it or taking control. We want you to decide how much you engage with and influence the world. We know that many of you enjoy the micromanagement aspects of the game, while others prefer to lean back and watch over their civilization as a silent observer. Exile Villages will be making their way into the game sometime after the Steam Release. Please let us know your thoughts on the new system. What kind of interactions would you like to see? Do you have some cool ideas you’d like to share? Don’t be afraid to drop us a comment! WHILE WE HAVE YOU HERE We have plans to begin releasing regular video updates in the future where Alex Koshelkov (founder) or Sasha Shumski (our producer) will talk about recent changes to the game and general news about Crytivo. These videos will be titled the Crytivo Digest, and we will publish them on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to the channel to never miss an update! GOBLINS OF ELDERSTONE Our friends over at Lost Goblin released a great little game a while ago, and they’ve been working hard on tuning the game’s systems and fixing pesky bugs. Goblins of Elderstone is the best it’s ever been, but we need your help to make it even better. We have created forums where you can share your feedback and ideas for the game. The game had a bit of a rough launch on Steam due to a mix up with the Early Access label, so we need to help them recover. They will be adding a whole host of attractive features to entice new players and reward current fans, so be sure to throw your thoughts in as well on what you think should be added. You can check out some videos here to get an idea of how the game plays. We will also be giving away game keys to the most active community members who play the game and offer feedback.Explore the forums here. WANT YOUR NAME TO BE FEATURED IN THE UNIVERSIM? Just a friendly reminder that everyone who purchases The Universim from the Crytivo Store prior to August 28 will get their name in the game on the backer list monument, available for all to admire. We will begin sending surveys out very soon that will ask for the name you want to add (we want to get the spelling and details right). Read more about this at: https://theuniversim.com/something-special-for-our-supporters Oh, and FYI, if you purchase the game from the Crytivo Store any time before the Steam launch, you will also receive a Steam key on 28 August. IMMORTALIZE YOURSELF FOREVER BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK. Don’t forget to sign-up here for our future updates and giveaways. Follow our Twitter and Facebook for day-to-day updates. All the best, The Crytivo Crew Article Link: https://crytivo.com/en/news/tu-exile-villages
  7. April/ May Update

    Hi there, I know Game-Development takes some time, but some more information about how far we are with a patch release would be great. Last month i' ve seen some posts on Twitter where u announced, patch time ll be delayed for a few days. First of all it would be great to see that information on crytivo directly in news Tab for the Universim. Secondly what happend to the end of April / May Patch? No information about delaying or sth. -else.
  8. Dear players! We moved our main update server (https://edge.theuniversim.com) to the USA. We hope it will help to resolve downloading problems for the most of users. This is the first step in the Crytivo`s update infrastructure changes - we are moving to multiple update servers architecture, we plan to have at least 2 servers in USA and 2 in Europe in the near future. If you are from the Europe and downloading speed is slow for you, right now you can manually change your main update server to the eu-edge.theuniversim.com. We recommend to use https protocol, however http still will work. To do this change, locate the file named version.txt near the launcher executable and open it in any text editor (like Notepad or Notepad++). Find the line url = https://edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/ and change it to url = https://eu-edge.theuniversim.com/internal/updates/ Next patcher`s update will be able to determine the fastest update server for you without those changes. Please, post here any questions related to those changes.
  9. Can not contact update server

    Can not contact update server If I want to run the application I get an error message saying: "Can not contact update server, but it seems you can run outdated version." I don't know what to do and what the cause is of this problem. Please help so other people experiencing the same issue can find their answer here hopefully
  10. If you have an issue when updating or downloading the game, restart the launcher in Administer Mode. If the issue persists, continue reading. Known Issues: Percentage is Stuck Problem: The launcher is stuck at a certain percentage and is not continuing. Sometimes a glitch occurs with the progress ring; however, the update is still successfully continuing. Notice that the byte counter is still growing and the speed is still being updated correctly. Usually the counter gets stuck on a low percentage. Detected Networking Problem Problem: While downloading the game, the launcher may change it's status to "Detected networking problem(x), retrying...". This issue occurs when the launcher temporarily loses connection or has trouble downloading a file. When the launcher is having trouble downloading a file, it retries up to nine times(the current retry attempt is noted by the number in the parentheses) before exiting. If this problem occurs, please make sure you have an active internet connection and attempt the download later. Uninstalling the game will not fix this issue and only elongate your download time. I Get a Fatal Error When I Run The Game Problem: I've run the game and see this message: This is an ongoing technical issue, report this to the development team with your system statistics, operating system, and any other relevant information. If you are on Windows or Linux and have already downloaded an early build, you can play that build by locating the Universim install location and running TheUniversim.exe directly. I Get a 404 Error When Running the Game If you receive HTTP 404 this mean you entered your key incorrectly. The key should be entered as it is displayed in dashboard, it is case sensitive, i.e. xxxxx-yyyyy-zzzzz and XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZZ are DIFFERENT keys. Also, take attention to 0 (zero) and O (ou), 1 (one) and I (i). To fix this you must manually re-enter your key by doing the following: On Windows and Linux: delete the file named "key.dat" near the game (or launcher) executable.On Mac OS X you should run terminal window and do the following:cd path-where-you-unpacked-launcher/The Universim Launcher.app/Contents/rm key.datOr in One Command:rm path-where-you-unpacked-launcher/The Universim Launcher.app/Contents/key.datThe next version of the launcher will have fixes for these issues including an automatic way to re-enter the game key. --------------------------------------------------------------------- If (AND ONLY IF) you find an other issue or try all this stuff but your update is still failing, send a MP to @Greendq with all information you can provide (your spec, screenshot, dxdiag...)
  11. Patch Notes V 0.0.4 (Dark Light)

    PATCH NOTES 0.0.4 (Dark Light) Please note: Patch 0.0.4 (Dark Light) primarily focuses on balancing and some bug fixes as the majority of our team was on vacation for the better part of December. As such, the patch is smaller than the previous. The following patch will be much larger to compensate for this. Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where the resource piles of a construction site were not visible Fixed an issue with the News Log window that caused its content to flicker Other structures will now not be able to be constructed on top of the farm plots Fixed a performance issue during dragging the UI windows Reversed the scroll bar of the Farm Panel's crop selection section Fixed an issue that caused tooltips not to fade away New Content: Settings Panel Selecting a planet object will now reveal information about the object UI Design: Settings screen Workers ID card font fix Main UI population icon change Atlas upgrade and optimisation Gameplay Changes: Maximum Fertile Female at a time: from 2 to 3 Nugget Maximum Carry Capacity: from 3 to 10 (not final will be balanced more) Idle Stamina Decrease Pet Tick: from -0.2 to -0.1 Default Task Stamina Decrease Per Tick: from -0.5 to -0.3 Buildings Construction Process Building Farm Time: from 5 to 120 Building Stone Hut: from 20 to 60 Building Warehouse: from 5 to 120 Building Bonfire: from 5 to 60 Building construction hut: from 5 to 60 Increase amount of rabbits Planet Day Night Cycle Increased: from 480 to 560 Bonfire disabled for future balancing(edited)
  12. Mac launcher notes

    1) Due to Apple rules we can not sign the Universim Launcher, so, please, download it ONLY from our sites: https://theuniversim.com/members/download/The Universim Launcher.app.tar.gz or http://edge.theuniversim.com/installer/macosx/The Universim Launcher.app.tar.gz To do not mess with the installer, you have to download the launcher and unpack it to your desktop or any other directory where you have write permissions. 2) When you will download archive, Gatekeeper will quarantine it, so you will not be able to run it by double clicking. Press Ctrl+rigth click on the launcher, select "Open" from the menu and allow Gatekeeper to run the application. 3) Enter your game key - it will be asked only for the first time you run the launcher. 4) Press the UPDATE button and wait while game will be updated to the latest public build.