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Found 1 result

  1. Build: 0.31 - Latest stable Steam Severity: 3 Hopefully QA can reproduce based on description as save game is probably useless since simply saving, returning to main menu and loading it back up resolves the issue. Even based on a save immediately after bug occurs I cannot replicate it by destroying a new set of houses. Encountered this several times now without understanding it, but finally managed to find a/the cause. Something goes wrong in re-designation of housing for nuggets, either from Stone->Tudor housing upgrade or from player destroying several(haven't tested single) houses. This causes the game to enter a 1-3 second loop, swapping between normal FPS and lock-freeze, which does not resolve by itself and only fix is to save and return to main menu or restart the game. The only thing out of the ordinary that I've been able to find while the loop happens is a many-fold increase of mono-2.0-bdwgc.dll!mono_threads_set_shutting_down+0x4f0 threads(Running->WrKeyedEvent loop) persistently eating CPU above what is seen during normal game play. -Didn't save stack but will provide if I encounter the bug again Steps to attempt reproduction: Play a bit and reach a pop of 150-200. Research Tudor housing, and build something that destroys 3+ houses as the initial Tudor upgrading takes place. This is not the only time this bug appears, but its the only time I've been able to pinpoint the cause and reached a somewhat consistent reproduction -Other times seem to be unrelated to direct player action. Been unable to reproduce it without Tudor housing being involved, though it might be related to water/other non-valid locations or too many requests causing the grid scan to bork and enter a loop.