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Found 4 results

  1. iMac texture issues

    Some graphic texture issues playing on 5k iMac at 1920 res (any larger and frame rate is too poor). Most in menu items, 4th one i get black square whenever theres a dead nugget lying on the surface. dev tree lines gone - they were there when save game file was first loaded, then on 3rd or 4th access they disappeared.
  2. [ISSUE 1 - TEXTURE ISSUES] To reproduce: 1. launch game in normal mode 2. Wait until day cycle progresses 3. Some minor rendering issues also occur during the day time (triangle-shaped grounds) 4. The issue self-corrects during the day cycle and resurfaces again at night [ISSUE 2 BLACK BOX WHEN BUILDING] To reproduce: 1. Launch a game in the normal mode 2. Build the engineering building 3. Instead of the build, black square is displayed in the centre of the screen (Screenshot 2) - This may or may not have been caused specifically by the building, but it was the last action I took before problem occurred. 4. Box vanishes after a few cycles (presumably by an attempt to build again) This is reproducible on multiple graphics settings and display resolution settings. Sorry I do not necessarily always know the proper terminology to describe the issue. Other related issues I encountered in V26: Flickering textures on animals, huts/houses (already in your list of known issues). In general it seems there is quite a lot of optimization for MacOS to be done still. More than happy to help in detail should you have more questions -- let me know how can I assist better. Tested on: MacOS Mojave
  3. Rock/tree dissapeared (die hard)

    What client version you downloaded: Standalone PC version 0.0.7 (Die Hard) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In game - time:idk exactly time runs slower in my configuration but about year 20 ingame into a new game Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes, 3 rocks in a row. Detailed description of the problem: I take a random rock on the map, zoom in to max. A texture bug seems to appear making the rock dissapear under the ground, let go the stone, and it go through the terrain lost for ever in the insides of my planet. tryed diferent locations of the map and happens with trees too
  4. V0.0.5 Textures (Version: GravyStein)

    What client version you downloaded: PC/Standalone What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In-Game Are you able to replicate the problem: Start Game on high graphics settings (High, 8x, Forced, High, Full, Off), place down epicenter, go to settings and change them to Medium (Medium, 4x, Forced, Medium, Half, Off), Apply settings, then go back to game. Detailed description of the problem: The Game's textures "freak out" and begin to change over time and tanks the FPS. Every time you do this the outcome is different as well. Before and After Settings: