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Found 6 results

  1. All, When posting topics, make sure you put them in the correct subforum For Suggestions go : here For Bug reporting go : here For Language / Translation issues go : here Make sure to keep the main thread as orginized as possible. Regards Stronkie
  2. I would love to have a subforum cat. called Suggestions.. Now it is kind of hard to browse the forum to see if your suggestion you want to post has allready been posted Thanks in advance
  3. Seeing as the Universim is the game that it is, I am predicting that more disasters will become real in the Universim universe. This idea will be on multiple things, Number one, I know Mother planet is being reworked, but I’m not sure weather or not there will be rivers, but If there will be, I would like to see the Energy portion of the tech tree include dams. Dams would not only give you power, but would also act as a bridge for the river/lake/etc. The dams would also actually act as a dam, (I know unique right) but what I mean is like, when building a dam it would cause flooding upstream, and drain the amount of water downstream, this being said canals should be something allowed to be built, either for waterway passage, or simply to try to “control” the water. This would also add flooding as an aspect to the game, now with this being said as well, I think that tsunamis should also be a thing with water. Technology should also be implemented to help withstand natural disasters, such as something like *Structural Strength* that gives buildings themselves the strength to withstand a flood. There would still be flooding effects though, such as residents having to find an alternate temporary living space. Happiness would also be reduced. ———————————————————————— Moving on to a different topic, I think that a Cold War system would be perfect for this game. A system where one civilization influences the other with every choice it makes. If you start building things near their civilization you would have increased pressure on them, while they have a reaction to every action, so they might respond by asking you to look elsewhere for land in the future, and if the request is denied that civilization might respond by recruiting more military forces, building a stronger defense, or canceling a trade agreement. This system would mean every decision counts, no matter if a choice is directed towards a civilization, others might start to think differently of you because of this too. If you alter a leaders agenda, then there would be a reaction here too. Say for example a rival civilization has an agenda to kill all of slacking nuggets in their civilization, and you come in and say no don’t do that, because you have a great amount of pressure on them, that civ will now think differently towards you, at some times this may even lead to war. Trade would increase or decrease a relationship, tariff levels would also change the relationship status, diplomatic imbargo’s would obviously worsen the relationship with that civ, and make them mad, but because you are the aggressor, you put more pressure on them. Cool quote - “War is inevitable..... for stupid people”
  4. I do not know if you are working on these already but I have a few suggestions for some. Genesis: Create trees. Meteorite: Create rocks. Husbandry: Create more of selected animal or Create animals. Pollinate: Create or grow herbs or fruit found naturally on map.
  5. Ideas

    Cutscenes whenever you enter a new age, so like at the end of the Stone Age, the guy could come saying, “Ah! I see your nuggets are still alive and even prospering, but now you enter an age of swords and kings, dark times, don’t get carried away now, remember the choice of war benefits no-one, it’s when it’s finished that you claim your prize.... if you win.” ————————————————————— An aspect where you could control a nugget or even better, a separate gamemode where you play as the nugget king in first person, and you would do the things that a creator can but within reality, so like no spontaneous building health or nugget joy, or any random tornadoes. You also wouldn’t have to worry about believers but instead supporters, and if you are disliked too much you go into war with half of your civilization. I feel like any first person aspect of this game would be a huge content addition. It would also expand to a wider variety of players.
  6. Kitt's Suggestions

    I was bored so I made a banner using a free-use image As the title suggests I want to have one post to share any and all suggestions I have because this game has so much potential and I want to have the chance to give some feedback! Please no one comment anything negative like 'the game will never be finished' or 'the game will never have xxx feature' because I don't need negativity when I struggle with being a pessimist myself, and these suggestions are just ideas, I don't mind if they're never put in the final product. I want to be positive with this game because it's so fun and the team have come such a long way since the beginning! Also excuse if there are suggestions here others have already suggested or that are already planned because I might put some I've seen elsewhere but that I particularly like the sound of! I'll update this post when I think of new ideas seeing as whenever I create a post like this my mind always draws a blank for some annoying reason. Aliens I love the images of Bob and the other aliens, and my thoughts about them were that while exploring space you can occasionally find an alien like the below, or the other concept image I have seen on Steam, wandering a planet that matches their type. There could be perhaps a whole population of them or just a single one roaming around. Somehow you can either befriend or 'enslave' them. (Depending on which direction your Nuggets have taken!) Perhaps for befriending they need help and you can tame them by helping them out, such as getting them food or stopping something from attacking them. Maybe for enslaving your Nuggets set a trap and they trip it, or maybe your Nuggets attack them until they surrender. Once they have been successfully tamed or beaten, your Nuggets can transport them back to a planet of your choosing (if you've colonised multiple planets). This is where you can use them! Imagine if they all had certain perks that can be used to help your Nuggets thrive on a planet. What if one alien produced oxygen through their skin, faster than trees, and could therefore help keep oxygen stable? What if one had such a high temperature that it could help heat up a cold planet? Or the opposite and the alien helps cool it down! What about one that absorbs CO2, perhaps uses it as a source of nutrition, and therefore can help a planet heal if you've let your Nuggets over-pollute it? One that produces a form of electricity that can be harvested and is a reliable and renewable source. There are endless possibilities for this idea. Making it more challenging, you could also include draw-backs. Such as the aliens requiring certain things to be met on the planet they're stationed at in order to be efficient. Maybe they help 30% less if enslaved, compared to being befriended. Or, what happens when they have helped your planet? Does it stabilise? Or start getting too hot/cold/have too much oxygen and your Nuggets start feeling faint... Great excuse to be creative! For the aggressive aliens out there maybe you have no choice but to enslave them, and maybe they can serve as an attack force to keep your planet safe from alien invaders. Finally, a limit could be that you can only have one alien stationed to each planet. That way it prevents players abusing the 'terraforming' ability of the aliens to create the perfect oasis, or become overpowered by having loads on each world! Tech Tree I know this is in progress already and I'm so excited for it! I would like the tech tree to be somewhat linear at the beginning but further down the road allow the player to branch off into different technology routes. But I would also like it if you could go back and research stuff you missed. An interesting experiment during the space age would be to colonise different planets and give them different technologies to see how each type (renewable/sustainable VS non-renewable) will impact the planet and the lives on the planets. So maybe at a certain point you're allowed to go back and research what you missed! I'd also like there to be a clear separation between certain research. Like one of the first things you have to research is fire, which will unlock anything that uses fire. You can't have an eatery without having fire! This could also unlock the cemetery for the cremation option and stuff. As well as clearly showing the branches, a separation of the eras is important. Not letting you research the next era items until all essential previous era stuff is done would be important to lead your civilisation forward and make sure they aren't missing important technologies! It will hopefully aid a helpful transition! Building Auto-Assign I'd like an option, perhaps in the settings or a pop-up that asks, to automatically assign a free labourer to an empty building that needs a worker as soon as the building is constructed. As your civilisation gets larger it gets so difficult to keep track of every building being built, especially duplicate eateries, farms, and engineer buildings. So, much like when a Nugget dies and passes the job along, I think it should do the same as soon as the building is built. This would help prevent too much micro-management in this area and will free you more time to place build sites down! And it means buildings aren't sitting empty when you forget about them... This system should also act smart and decide on the best equipped Nugget! So it should prioritise an educated Nugget over an uneducated Nugget if there is one available and the building in question is one that does better with an educated Nugget placed in it. Research: Work-Shifts I am sure I read about this idea somewhere... excuse me for not remembering! But having a research a little into the Stone Era to add work-shifts would be cool. Nuggets who are assigned to buildings would work all day, only leaving to eat, drink, etc. and then at the end of the day would return home. This would be the time they could 'romance' to create baby Nuggets too! Then the Nuggets who are working the night shift would leave their houses (where they spent most of the day either sleeping to rest or doing labourer jobs around the village) and head to where they are stationed. To create babies they would 'romance' during the day! This just means that things are constantly being ran and things are always being made for the future. One drawback to this is needing twice as many Nuggets, but perhaps Nuggets aren't against job hopping to prioritise over what is important in their society... Nugget Autonomy I would like Nuggets to be a little smarter when it comes to jobs that need doing... for example, when it snows and the lakes freeze why do the fishermen stay in the fishing pier the whole time? Every Nugget not currently doing their work should be free to be a general labourer and help transport material to build sites and do all the odd jobs that the labourer Nuggets do. This means no Nugget is left standing around and gives farmers, engineers, undertakers, and fisher Nuggets, something to do when their respective jobs aren't needed. Of course, you need the Nuggets to then return to the jobs they were doing as soon as the job is needed, so maybe if they're doing something/carrying something they either put it down and someone else comes along to take it to its destination, or the Nugget called back to fish/fix something/collect the dead can hand their bundle over to the nearest Nugget labourer/non-busy Nugget before heading back to work. This is all I have so far! Thanks for reading, and sorry it is so long-winded... haha...