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Found 17 results

  1. What I would like to see is: For every overlay , also put in the effective range of things (for example , the engineers and watchtower show the range of the building). Would be nice if we can have the same for FOOD , WATER , EDICATION , FUN/LEASURE etc. Also I would like to have a sort option of buildings that do not have a worker / or is not full with working option. Would make my life a bit better and I would have more fun in the game Would like to see an UI option to tell me what era / age I am in. Maybe they should implement a feautre that we as the god decide when it is time to go to the next age/era , simply by clicking on the temple and select the adavanced age/era power maybe a cool thing to have Also when yyou unlock the parks.. the first parks should be able to create with the basic stone and wood.. Since you can unlock it before you unlock and have refined buildings
  2. Hello. I finished the technology tree of the current version of the game and here is what i think would be nice to have. I am sure that a lot of it is planned, but here it is anyway: 1. logistics and public transport Roads and trains and horse chariots would be a welcome sight. 2. better statistics I wish I could research demographic data where I can causes of death for example. At some pint population started to decline, but it was unclear why. It would be nice to see workforce allocation, education, lifespan, most dangerous jobs and such. 3. remote outposts and villages Citizens refused to move to newly created distant villages where I created all sorts of services. They travelled there for work and back to the main town. I imagine they should move to the place where they work and not just expand the main town. There could be a building or marker that influences where they build homes. Also they should switch homes for the ones close to where they work. (I am not sure if they are doing that, but it seemed like they don’t) 4. different wind force at different locations, local weather I went for wind turbines and it resulted in very long periods with no power. I had two locations of the turbines, one in the mountains and one in a desert, but they always stopped at once and worked at once. Location had no effect on wind force or direction and it should. 5. sailing and oceans, rivers and bridges Oceans should not freeze, should not be source of water, but there should be fishing all year and cargo ships everywhere. A river or two will do the planet good. 6. forts and castles There is lack of these building. I noticed only a tower and that’s it. 7. different political systems There seems to be only one way of government. I imagine it could range from tyranny to democracy with everything that is between. 8. animal farming and domestication The title says it. 9. better religion Let the creator bring his law that will restrict believers in a way he wants. The more believers the more the civilization is affected. Let there be unelected high priest of prophet who influences policy. 10. diplomacy Other villages don’t need to be just pests. There can be a more complex way to influence them, take over their settlement or cooperate with them economically and in war. 11. war There was no way to retaliate for the attacks except to use miracles. I could not build a professional army. 12. narrators Give us someone less annoying or a different narrators or narrator modes. Morgan Freeman perhaps? Although the game is work in progress it didn’t crash, there were only few bugs like tooltips not disappearing, fishing not happening and some other minor bugs. It feels way better done than some other infamous god games that came before. I am looking forward to the final version.
  3. Create Your Own Species?

    Hello Everyone! I played The Universim for about two years now and i decided to make a forum account just for the sake of notifying the developers of Bugs and the occasional suggestions for future development. My first suggestion maybe far-fetched but, this is my suggestion. Maybe when all the Four stages are done and we are in Beta, maybe the developers can give players the ability to create their own species or planet? As this game is in the God-Game genre wouldn't be cool if players can have the option to create their own sentient alien race while also having the option to also play as the Nuggets? This Suggestion may never be implemented but many folks do like to get creative when it comes to games. Perhaps maybe it isn't a bad idea? Besides, this game can become more populous when it comes to this type of suggestion. Idk, this is just a suggestion but i'm happy to get it out there!
  4. Okay, so I'm going through the game for the fourth time. Have another thread going here, but this one is not about motion sickness. More a suggestion about nuggets. I was advised and noticed it works to sacrifice the lazy nuggets and the weak ones...I upped the ante by sacrificing the ones that eat too much because I feel when you get too many they do drain your resources quite a bit. Now I may be taking the game too seriously, but it's basically eugenics. Which doesn't set well with me. If I let said nuggets go on their merry way, my civilisation tends to fall apart. I have tons of CP points, that's a yay, but it's taking away from the game play. Although, it did help me hunt down the exile thieves and sacrifice them. Those guys, I don't have an issue with. So here's the suggestion: For medieval/stone age times...have a priest/ess, shaman, boss to keep the nuggets in line, so they aren't a drain on the resources. From Tudor up possible make a center kind of like the rehab center but for traits. I think it could be fun and a bit better than having to cull the herd of the weak traits. I really did notice a difference from the other three games, to this one where I'm taking the "bad" traits out of the breeding pool. I know it's just a game, but it does kind of bother me when I step away from playing and think about the game. I'm not an emotion driven nugget...so I got really thinking about it and trying to figure out a way to not sacrifice them. Maybe even have the option to exile them? Some kind of motivation for them to not be lazy...to try and get stronger, and eat less? Like a motivator, dietitian and a gym? That way the traits would still be there, but it would give us more to do to help the nuggets or just keep on sacrificing or if you do implement allowing to exile nuggets. Just my thoughts...I got thinking a lot about it last night after a good game session. Realized I was so busy hunting down the nuggets with the "bad" traits than focusing on other really cool game stuff.
  5. Some suggestions

    Hi! I've put about 30 hours into this game in the past week or so, and I've finally unlocked all of the technologies currently available. Most of the stuff I've noticed is really small, but here are a few suggestions/issues that have come to mind while playing the game: I feel like there should be an "emergency" way to get essentials like food, water. More specifically food, because if you run out of food everything falls apart and none of the Nuggets will work to get more food because they're dying of hunger. I know you can water the farms to insta-grow, but then the Nuggets still have to harvest. Water you can sort of do with the season change creator power, but I feel like I want a way to "buy" a bunch of food as a creator power just to get through to when I can provide a more sustainable food source. A map! This is probably already planned, especially once you're exploring other planets and stuff, but a map of the world would be very helpful. Also, a way to place beacons/markers on the map (like for exile villages, cool crops, or just a place you put a random well that you want to check up on once in a while). When you upgrade to the new era, Nuggets suddenly spend *all* their time and energy upgrading their houses, and speed of building other stuff slows to a halt. This is really frustrating, especially at a time where you're so excited that you just unlocked all these new buildings! Please sort the message log, and potentially add options for what types of messages you want to see? I sometimes miss messages since there's so much going on (and so many messages), and when I click the message log, it's not in chronological order to catch up on the ones I missed this is also an issue for when the messages "group" (like "3 construction completed" etc); I can't figure out which buildings finished constructing because when I click the notification, it brings me to an unsorted log. Shifts are amazing and really useful, but I notice that there's a significant "shift change" time where absolutely nothing gets done because the Nuggets for the next shift start heading for the building when the Nuggets for the previous shift leave, so they might be halfway across the town and by the time they get to the building, the shift is halfway over. Also related to shifts, it was staggering to me how quickly I ran out of laborers when shifts and the town hall were researched. The town hall automatically fills all the shifts in all the buildings, and then there are few laborers left. I realize that there's an option to set the number of laborers to never assign to "jobs", but that's frustrating to me because then maybe really important functions (i.e., making food, hospitals, whatever) won't get filled. Honestly, I feel like once you have shifts, you need a much bigger population to get everything done in a reasonable amount of time, and I read on this forum that there's currently a soft cap of 200. I have gotten up to like 275 before and it still doesn't feel like enough once half the "workers" are doing nothing for half the day when they aren't on shift. That's all for now, hopefully not too overwhelming, and feel free to dismiss/ignore any of this. I just want to help you guys make the best game you can, and if none of my suggestions make it in (or if they're already considered), that's fine too! I really love this game and I appreciate all the amazing work that's been done on it thus far. Keep it up, you're doing great
  6. SKM_C754e18112812260.pdf My ideas
  7. So since there is an option to colonize other planets in the grand scheme of nuggets evolution, I decided to give an idea on how to menage that. Since in colonization situations micro and macro management might actually not work as intended, I think a DOME is what is required. When Nuggets decide to colonize another world some requirements must be met: -No Exile Villages (merge/elimination) -Home world must become fairly self sufficient so that Creator is not immediately necessary. (a form of active church with people trained in dealing with stuff etc.) -Homeworld Supplies -Technology Nuggets will have to build a colony ship which will look like a dome for approx 50 nuggets. There will be a few animals and some trees etc. The thing is Nuggets will need to stay in a dome until they adapt to new environment, and the creator will be helping them. To help Nuggets adapt, nuggets will have to interact with new world, which means exploring, gathering resources, planting local plants and eventually experimenting on eating local specialties. Those in turn will make them sick and Creator will have to be careful and heal them, that way the offspring will be able to adapt easier. The Nuggets will be able to leave the dome and start their lives outside in the alien environment when they adapt at least in 70%. Dome will have a cap of 80 nuggets after landing. New planet means new resources like new metals, new food, etc. Trade with home world. Nuggets will build a trade ship that will move around from colony to Home World. Eventually Nuggets will build a space station that will look ridiculous and all ships will go to and depart from it, new center of civilization. New UI: Space Exploration. In here the player will have access to summaries of all planets under Nugget Imperial Control Epicenter (N.I.C.E.) Player will be able to use this UI to check on resources and nuggets population and ratio without a need to go into the planet detail (go to the planet itself) Also from this menu player can redirect trade ships. After the construction of space station (requirement: at least 3 colonies) the epicenter is moved to the space station (in case of it's destruction the epicenter goes back to home world) From here on out the player can menage Nuggets and their conquest of the universe, friendly or not, here they come!.
  8. Rest House [suggestion]

    I would like to suggest this idea, as it becomes apparent that with 200 or so nuggets, quite a few will be old geezers and die while working their nuggets off, I would actually like this implementation since at some point a majority of old nuggets will be more of a hindrance than help. A single rest house would contain up to 20 old nuggets (or maybe house them ? :D). Once the town hall is built and ministry of health is implemented it would become an automatic function built by nuggets and old nuggets would occupy those or be moved from their houses to the rest homes. The general issue is that at this point the nuggets don't use logic in terms of age, old nuggets should technically be slower and weaker, bu the only indicators towards age is the number and possibly grey hair. Currently the game only uses the age as expiration of the unit, due to that the unit works as normal (but is not allowed to reproduce at some point) and while doing it's work, whatever it is, it would die, sometimes while carrying a precious hard to obtain resource like gas or iron. If they are sent to the old geezers house they will stop working and lose cargo or even fall down from the weather station, and clutter the area with their remains.
  9. I would like to suggest an auto upgrade solution once Town Hall is implemented and resources allow. I currently have over 200 nuggets and I have approx 110 laborers due to my mishap of management issue (I left them to their devices and they just spread like a pox XD) and now I keep researching and building them workplaces and barely keep up with stuff, upgrades are necessary in many places and I can't keep up XDDD The town hall auto upgrade would be of great help, Nuggets upgrade their houses autonomously anyway so please include this in 0.29 update would you ? Though I am very happy my nuggets are so healthy for once in a new game XD Usually they are getting swept up by tornadoes ... /me looks away
  10. I ran into the issue yesterday where while I was trying to place my civilization, I thought I found a prime spot on the dark side of my planet. It was difficult to see when it was directly on the back of the planet. When the sun is blocked out, that entire hemisphere is difficult to see (lake/rock/mountain locations). It would be nice if the entire planet had a slight light increase at least during the placement of the civilization, that way if I want to place it on the night side of the planet, I can see where I'm placing it.
  11. Hi, I have been playing one game through (currently researched to the limit of the game). So far it reminds me of Banished and the Black and White series the most, however the complexity of the climate is incredible and unique to the point where I am amazed at the amount of coding that has probably gone into it! After progressing through this one game, I have had a great time! Early game is particularly challenging as if you miss a particular research path it can end incredibly badly. The differing food sources makes for an interesting concept, with all but one being of limited resource. The fact wildlife can also kill off nuggets is an interesting factor. However, later on in the game it started becoming tedious, for reasons listed below (with suggestions in italic)... The prayers are good and remind me of Black & White quests. However, they only appear for a short time. These need to be interspersed (i.e. are unlocked when certain research parameters are reached as an example) and missions need to vary (in terms of around the map, your use of spells etc., maybe not even limited to nuggets, but potentially the planet too - a Ying & Yang factor) The Godly actions are currently limited, but there are a few spells that I use quite a lot. I am yet to use the wrath ones except for the shower (This may change on the addition of exile villages and criminals or early 'alien' lift visiting the nugget's planet), and I only use two influence spells - Telekinesis and Cupidon, with the rest seldom used. I think balancing the prayer power and points used on certain spells is required. I am looking forward to seeing more, and am wondering how these will work with exile villages especially. The game currently slows as you reach the current end of the tech tree. Most resources are comfortable (except wood), and I have found the main issue to be keep population up. The maximum was around 220 before it started dropping off. This occurred just before the Tudor Architecture tech. It then dropped off and is now hovering around the 100 mark, and does not want to move from there (all huts now upgraded). Following instructions within this forum, I have placed ever more people as labourers and turned off buildings, but to no avail in increasing the population. I have also found that even as labourers, nuggets will attempt to collect resources even if they are in bountiful supply (You either need to introduce a 'nugget needs' factor into the game that hints at what you need to build, OR you give us the option of setting a needs limit on materials - i.e. at 200 wood only the lumbermill will collect etc, thus limiting labourers functions). It is such a waste to see labourers die trying to collect wood from the nearest wood source as the crow flies, but this happens to be the other side of a gigantic, elongated ocean. As a secondary effect of this, with nothing to do nuggets should start reproducing in earnest to refill the population drop off people may experience. This leads on to the next point, which are issues with wood. I find the fact that trees do not regrow just baffling, especially with such a complex climate. Forests should grow and recede with climate change (i.e. long periods of no rainfall means trees die off, forest fires start etc). It appears as though everything else replenishes so why not trees? Or you introduce a seed or reforest spell under the creation tab in Godly powers, which most players would hugely appreciate once Tudor Architecture starts sucking up resources to upgrade the huts. I can see an upcoming problem with water too. On one lake I have switched off all pumps at around 50% water left. However, after a few years (several season cycles) it remains at 50% left, and has not restocked unless I place a storm over said lake. The micromanaging has moved to the town hall governor, which is a blessing in disguise. However, the governor still places nuggets in closed buildings who then can't do anything, whilst leaving buildings which are open with empty slots (i.e Engineers Hut). Is it possible to get the governor to assign nuggets to buildings open first as a priority? Disasters are an excellent way to get away from micromanagement and expansion and I wish to see more of them - the criminals activity should help vary the disasters we see (fire, poisoning etc.). It may also be nice to see volcanoes, earthquakes and flooding, each with their own consequences for particular buildings. Fires starting in the nuggets homes is also potential disaster, and is an option for the evil Gods out there to destroy neighbourhoods built in the wrong area. Those are my thoughts after the first run through. I'll begin my second soon and see if I can avoid the population bubble!
  12. Since a lot of users want more Nugget Autonomy I think the Developers (overgods) might have a problem actually meeting this demand. I mean, I can totally understand not forcing Nuggets into hard labor may be a problem, but still, we need solutions and not just ideas. So after performing a sweep of surviving Nuggets (some may notice in my other posts that Nuggets had an epiphany in my village and decided to ditch me into afterlife) I decided to part in the debate and throw a few ideas that actually might work. If Nuggets are to have complete autonomy then interaction with them, or influencing them, needs to be re-worked. I made a suggestion in one of the other posts that there should be a sage that would deal with research, but after some deliberation with my inner creator, I think that wouldn't be entirely solving the issue of player "poking" at research direction. If Nuggets are to have full Autonomy, the player can only prod them into a correct direction but everything else is to be researched on it's own. For example, I don't see a point in researching buildings like Farms, Stone Mines, as those need to be DISCOVERED. I think the Discovery system would benefit the game more than RESEARCH because Nuggets would be able to randomly discover to fish, farm and cure injuries. The player on the other hand needs to create opportunities for said Discoveries. For example a Nugget is traversing the woods and encounters a small wild animal, if the player is observing this then they can "prod" the Nugget to attempt to capture the animal, if the Nugget has enough Might or Skill then they will succeed and discover HUNTING. The Discover system might bring much more fun and a lot more complex and enjoyable gameplay because the Players will feel bored if they don't interact with Nuggets. Making the game RTS and making the player decide what is built where is pointless in a game where the player should be a creator and influence the Nuggets. Discovering more complex materials will automatically call for building a place to process them and instead of making 2 or 3 buildings they could build a single one that processes them in less safe environment, and after they discover that it should be safer to work then they implement changes on their own. Interacting with Nuggets on a much different level is more interesting in my opinion.
  13. Dire Nuggets Request!

    I noticed a very strange phenomenon among my beloved Nuggets. I had a very serious outbreak of old age in my village, suffice to say, from 168 nuggets I have 27 remaining. I think I gave them too much work and they forgot to enjoy the only thing enjoyable in life... that is Black Tea. However new Nuggets don't take over homes after dead Nuggets, they simply waste time and effort on building a new one in my case at least. A nugget will take over a house if they are FROM that house. I, upon consulting this with my Nuggets, decided to appeal to overgods (developers) to enable a simple option in the preferences menu: -Automatically destroy empty housings. This will prevent Nuggets from spreading too far and will allow for better understanding the lack of arms of the Nuggets. I think ...
  14. I have a suggestion for this stickied post: I think it would help if the location of the save files would be listed there. Apparently it is in `%AppData%\LocalLow\...`. Not a place I ever found game files before. So I think pointing to this location would help. I was asked to post this suggestion here to gain feedback or support from all of you.
  15. My lords, my ladies, and everybody else here not sitting on a cushion! I humbly present to you my review and suggestions for this innovative and ambitious game in Q&A and bullet form (to hopefully keep it from being a TLDR monologue). I just purchased this game over the weekend and played it to the end of the consumable content, so I feel like I may present an outside perspective. Q&A How did you find out about this game? I first heard of The Universim from another Kickstarter game called Planetary Annihilation TITANS (generally a good game. They were arguing about clouds on the forums and how this game has them and PA does not). While I was not very interested in a god game back then the trailer stuck with me and I checked back every now and then throughout the years until this past weekend when I finally decided to give it a shot. Before playing the game, what did you know about it and what did you expect? Other than what I gathered from the trailer, I knew that players were generally stuck in the stone-age. After reading about how the devs were focusing on the systems needed for future eras by developing “the stone age” this did not bother me as I have had similar experiences programming various things. The foundation needs to be solid to build upon. I expected that I would play the role of a god and would have some control over my people but not directly. Other than this general idea I did not know what to expect. What was your first reaction when opening and beginning the game? First, I really liked the start screen. Unlike many games it actually stands out in a unique way and is very clean. When starting the game, I liked how I could choose the spot where nuggets would begin on the planet. (After failing horribly on the first attempt, I realized I should place it near iron, stone, and of course water) The art style was great! After turning off the God light I appreciated it much more. I currently play with it always off. Did you experience any bugs? For the most part remarkably no. The only issues I faced were god mail being broke after the first mission and boats being perpendicular to the water sometimes. This seems to me to be very stable for an alpha. What did you think of the stone-age city building and resource management? Coming from an RTS background I found it quite familiar and being the early stages of the game perfectly fine seeing as I am the god directing the people in their early life. I would like it to have more “godly” visuals. Maybe a light from heaven with some tablets detailing what they should build? Later in the game, say mid medieval times or a bit later I would expect the gods priorities to shift from micromanagement to macro and the nuggets to manage their own structure placement and resources. (taking a bit from one of my two previous posts here) Unlocking via research over the medieval times, the player should no longer have to: Place buildings such as farms, refineries etc.. (excluding major NEW structures the player unlocks) Maybe each type of auto placement should be unlocked via research Assign nuggets Deal with unfilled position The player should have new tasks to preform like Expansion location assignment Instead of placing each building the player should choose when and where the civilization attempts to expand Cultural conflict resolutions Choose which type of culture wins a war by helping with your godly powers Influence farther cultural presence via research choices Should your nuggets be good or evil? It is the player's choice based on their cultural actions Exploration Send nuggets to explore and find a brave new world via the sea, the land, and in the far future in space. Science choices (this should fall under nugget science discussed later) Crossroads in science should start appearing after medieval times, once you make your choice you can't go back. Study plants animals and learn from them for future buildings and farther research. (player chooses which animal to study and if the research should be kept. Astronomy: Learn about the other planets, in more detail as your civilization evolves or see what your civilization discovers about the other planets as they evolve and guide them to particular areas of their the sky. What did you think of the research? Research felt off to me. I feel like it should be split into three different things: god powers, nugget evolution, and nugget science. God powers The god should be able to use his/her points to unlock farther powers. (I really want lightning, so I can play Zeus) They should start out small like the telekinesis and cupid thing. Nugget evolution Nugget might Nugget speed Nugget other stuff Nugget science should be done by the nuggets. How would it be implemented and how would you interact with it? Let me explain by example: You get a notification that Jimbob is telling his nugget buddy the best idea: square wheels! You see on flat, water coated surfaces these babies slide like they are on oil but less so. So, what do you, the god of Jimbob, do? Do you: Strike him down with a bolt of lightning to insure the idea does not spread? Do you give him a dream of a round wheel? Maybe he will just figure out that it is not the best idea on his own? Maybe you like the idea of sliding square wheels and want to see how far the culture would progress. With this system the player would feel like they are actually guiding the nuggets instead of just “upgrading” them. I still think the tech tree should be used, but instead of being a basic “click and have it happen” thing, it would be a overview of what your nuggets are thinking about and who is thinking about it. Maybe latter in the game a future Jimbob decadent discovers oil. Now you really have a choice. What did you think of the current god systems? Even though the good/evil meter is not fully in place I really liked the choice and the fact the tower would change based on what I did. While I appreciated the god-mail meme, I found it to be rather immersion breaking. I feel like individual nuggets should randomly notify you in some other way, even if it is just through the notification system. And the god-mail building should be replaced with some other shrine or church system (the art could stay the same except for the mail piece). PS if I burn it, it means I am unhappy. (I actually did this in game to see if I would get more letters) I like the god powers in general. I especially liked that I could use the rain cloud to protect my nuggets from random fires. The fact it is under wrath seemed a bit odd to me though. What did you think about the transition from the stone-age to medieval? While a bit sudden from an art perspective, I liked it. It seemed to go smoothly, and it was cool watching my civilization grow a bit closer to the modern age. Any other thoughts? The school system is pretty cool, and I like the future implications, but it seems early to me from a historical perspective as most-of-the-time back then jobs were passed down by the family or by apprenticeships. Thanks for working on this innovative game and keep up the good work! I am excited to see what the future holds.
  16. [SUGGESTION] GUI changes

    Heya. I was just playtesting the game again and while watching the GUI change, after assigning a nugget to the forecast tower, it came to me that the whole GUI could "evolve" along the abillities of the gamer/god.That way you could kinda "introduce" every single part of the GUI and its position without overhelming/confusing the gamer by having all the graphs and buttons visible already. EDIT: Still I have to wait for a mod authorizing my thread. That's bothering me a bit,guys! Am I somehow putting public safety at risk, or what? Acknowledged.
  17. Hey all, I had an idea to fix a common problem I was having while playing the game. I think it would be great to have a tooltip system (perhaps on the side of the UI) that would remind players to make important decisions. For example, it could remind players: To choose a new crop for a farm; That a building is about to collapse; To assign workers to a specific building; To choose a type of creature/trap for the hunting lodge; etc. I am aware of the little flag system for these kinds of notifications. However, even with that system, I often find I'll forget. This is especially true in the later game when I'll set up the construction of, say, a new fishery and then leave to do other things. I'll be too busy and miss the news pop-up in the corner that stays for a few seconds and then neglect to assign a worker for entire seasons. I can't say how many times I've stumbled on a building and gone "whoops, I wonder how long this has been doing nothing while people starve to death." Thanks for reading!