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Found 7 results

  1. [6]AI gets stuck after loading a game

    So i saved a game this morning, and after coming back from work i loaded it. I played a while like everything was ok and then i noticed nuggets got stuck. Like the AI crashed. I have no crash file tho. If you load the save file, let the game run until it reaches age 37, you'll see the nuggets that are finishing an action (moving to a well, choping down a tree) and then they'll just get stuck there. Doing nothing. Save file send to Colin thourgh discord.
  2. So, i was doing the government research and then when it completed it kinda crashed : it didn't went to the next research until i canceled all queued and reput them, shift research isnt available, central tower has disapeared. also, the issue with the research queue getting stuck happens now half of the time.
  3. Whenever I use my god power to pick up a nugget they stick to my cursor even when I try to let them go. And sometimes I can get them off by pressing the pick up commands again but sometimes I cannot and I'm just forever swinging a dead nugget around.
  4. Weird nugget bug recorder on v19

    Weird nugget bug recorder on v19 Hello, I recorded this bug yesterday on v0.0.19.8124 but didn't press the ingame bug button (sry for that), but the whole recording is here, it happened on start of the game, as two nuggets decided to commit suicide by moving on the same spot without an apparent reason. I even tried to move them but without success, they both died on start of the game from thirst and hunger, even when I had more than enough food and water. Game is played on Win 10 Pro x64 on i7 with 32Gb RAM and GTX 970
  5. Stuck animal

    Hi! Here's my note: - Upon creating world, multiple animals (mostly critters like rabbits, sometimes wolves) end up spawning inside trees. - Creatures spawned in trees cannot move (although animation for running applies) - Not sure, but my stone hut became a bug nest after it was built on a "flying rabbit". Nuggets could enter to have some sexy time together, but they couldn't leave (I can see them trying to leave) and end up starving to death (how miserable :P) - I tried to attach screenshots, but the panel didn't allow me. It said I could upload file above 1,95 MB (both of my pics' size were below that, tried to attach solely, didn't work)
  6. people stuck

    I have 4 nuggets stuck. Sometimes they are walking in place trying to do their job. Is there a ingame screen capture?
  7. Workers/Nuggets "stuck"

    Nuggets that went through those buildings scaffolds tend to get stuck. They show the moving animation, but don't actually move anywhere. Left it for a couple of minutes, it was still staying there xD