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Found 10 results

  1. Black screen

    When I launch the game from steam I have a black screen, but the music is present. I'm on Linux Mint, in french. I join my Player.log, maybe it could help Player.log
  2. Universim Load game

    Hi, I have enjoyed about 36 hours of gameplay which I cannot load, tried twice now, latest save was created on game running Ver 19695. When I load a game and select the saved game, it goes to load, it constantly shows the loading screen with the MOTD banners. Please Help. I don't know how to find error logs.
  3. Steam Version Won't Launch

    I just got the game via Steam, and it won't launch. For maybe 1 second max, the Steam "Preparing to The Universim" pops up, disappears and then nothing. The game looks like it downloaded correctly to my Steam library, on a separate drive to where Windows is installed - the game folder is showing as 1.35GB, although the download window stated it was only 525MB???? PC Specs: Windows 10 64bit (version 1803) Intel i7 4790k GTX 970 32GB RAM I know it's only in early access, so this is a gripe/request for help, and not a complaint! Looking forward to getting this up and running after seeing some good YouTube videos on this. Edit: My under-powered laptop has just downloaded the game. This has the game running from the default Steam C: drive location and works fine, apart from the fact that it only has a 740M graphics chip and an old hat core i5 - but it is Win10 v1803. I have tried moving the install folder on the problem PC back to the default Steam location, but it still seems to have the same issue as stated in the original post. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Love the game, played it for about half an hour before work and throughly enjoyed it. I returned home from work to boot it up and unfortunately came across a full black screen glitch. It will open and launch and say I'm playing the game on steam AND I will hear the game music and audio but for some reason its just a full on black screen. I've tried reinstalling the game on screen, restarting steam itself, turning off steam overlay, etc. But no luck. I'd love to play the game and test it out as much as I can but with this black screen I'm completely unable to play. If theres a fix that anyone has found or if I haven't found or read a fix I'm sorry if a hotfix is coming I'll greatly appreciate it. Specs Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6 IMac 27 inch 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 8 GB Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB
  5. I really would like to highly recommend to at least have a little audience of randomly choosen people for testing the game before the steam release. That way you could get an idea of the oppinion of those testers and then announce the game accordingly on steam. Just a thing I was thinking of today, while posting here and there.
  6. Steam Download

    Hi, I redeemed my free copy of Astrokill with my coins and chose Steam as my preferred download platform. I was given a key, but how do I actually download the game from Steam? I can find it in their store, but not for free. Thanks,
  7. Hey everybody, We are glad to announce that we have an official Steam early access release date! Watch our trailer to find out when We will also be attending PAX EAST 2018 in Boston if you are in the area and want to drop by to say hi at booth #17111
  8. Steam Demo - Clicking scroll wheel fully zooms out After playing the new Steam demo for about an hour I have a couple of suggestions but thankfully only one issue that I would count as a bug. The wheel scroll button works well to zoom in and out but if I accidentally clicked it it would completely zoom me out so that I only saw space. Not sure if this was meant as a different feature but it seems like something very easy to fix too. I can't think of any reason someone would need to fully zoom out to space.
  9. Forum Problem (steam connect)

    Forum Problem (steam connect) Hello, I have tried to log in to the website for checking on the forum. It did not let me. But it let me login using my steam account . I said to myself Cool. So I log in and I need to finalize my settings , so I enter my ScreenName that I have the game on Stronkie and the Email going with that.. Bugger the site gives me a error , Username and email are allready in use.. Like yes.. They are by me.. So when I login with my new password and old username , I still can download the Alpha But now I have two Accounts One with my Original Name : Stronkie (with my Backers Email atrtached to it , which has the game ) And I have one account now : Names Stronkie_2 , linked to me Own Steam account , with a new email adress , which doesnot have the game.. So I would like to see this happen I want my Steam account Stronkie linked to my Forum Account Stronkie.. The new Forum Name Account Stronkie_2 can go How do we do this?
  10. V0.0.9 - MAC: App icon missing after steam install Client Version: Steam on Mac Issue Encounter: App Icon (Desktop Icon) Replicate Problem: Unknown Description: After downloading the game through steam there was no "image" icon and just using default missing image. I added the image myself but thought i should still bring it to your attention. Cheers