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Found 2 results

  1. I’m sorry this is so long. I just wanted to make sure I gave all the info I could since this is technically game breaking. This could completely be my computers fault. So I made sure to add the save folder to see if it’s just me. (if I did it right). Thanks for reading! This happened in the last patch also, so once again maybe it's my computer. I get to the medieval stage, I have plenty of every resource I need, and then my nuggets stop building. They all start to get hungry, my population deteriorates drastically and all my buildings start to fall apart. Only a few nuggets are still walking around but a lot just stand at the warehouses and some just stand in random spots. I was doing creator mode and i was for sure that would work out. But twice in CR and Story mode they stopped working. I'm not sure if i did this right. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bnxtlhxyf3w9bkw/buggy2.sav?dl=0 This is the beginning when I had a pop of 103 that’s about the highest I got. This you can see my pop dropped to 81 and the nuggets in the eatery are all thirsty and hungry. But they weren’t moving. I left my game running while I was trying to straighten this post out and my pop dropped to 3. 😂 and it won’t even let me find them. I have no idea what is goin on. Either it is my computer or a bug that keeps haunting me each version that I play. (Sidenote: sometimes the box for the nugget comes up and won’t go away, restarting the game gets rid of it.) Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi guys, I've noticed an occasional issue with my Nuggets saying they are hungry in the notifications, and then shortly after die of starvation. My food was displayed as around 130~ with the consumption just over one, one Nugget even died of starvation in the Epicenter right next to the food! I am using the stand alone version, 0_0_4_1601152036 on PC.