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Found 3 results

  1. In the God Powers, if you don't have enough believers it is wrongly spelled as "Beliveres".
  2. Spelling, language error

    Spelling, language error What client version you downloaded: .0.0.9 - PC - Standalone What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: in game client Are you able to replicate the problem: The problem is always repeatable Detailed description of the problem: The problem is in the spelling and language in the sentence telling the person about building the Constructor's Hut during the beginning of the game. In the first part of the tutorial. It says this: "Constructors are responsible for new building constructions and repair existing once." The word "once" should be "ones". Also, the sentence as a whole is a little incorrect. To say it properly it should say "Constructors are responsible for new building constructions and repairing existing ones", or "Constructors are responsible for new building constructions and to repair existing ones"
  3. The Goal of this Topic to find Grammar and Spelling mistakes in the game and to report them here so the team can fix them. Feel free to add to add you own findings and do not hesitate to post when you are not 100% sure whether you found a mistake or not. Im sure the team would rather have a few false positives then miss some of them. Recommended format: Interface Location: e.g. Tutorial > Behold! Original text: Screenshot or Citation Mistake: Describe the Error and (optional) how to correct it. If using screenshots please include your screenshot as a link and NOT as an image. You can do that by clicking the button and pasting the image link in the URL-Field and leaving the Link-Text Field empty. General error in the tutorial The tutorial alternates the use of articles when referring to the different interfaces and control panels in the game. When the tutorial refers to an interface or button it uses an article most of the time, but in a few cases it doesn’t. For example: ‘The Epicenter Window’, but ‘Contruction menu’ and ‘Statistics Screen’ and ‘Constructors Hut’ Sentences like “In statistics screen you can see information …” and “Construction menu lets you build …” and “… Remember to build Constructors Hut first …” just don’t sound right without and article. Interface location: Tutorial > Behold! Original text: http://puu.sh/olpCM/6543ab3ada.jpg Mistake: There should be an additional space between 'W, A, S and D keys.' and 'Give it a try!' (line 3) Interface location: Tutorial > Stone Age Original text: http://puu.sh/olpJP/ffd570d57a.jpg Mistake: Not sure but I think ‘outward’ (line 3) should be ‘outwards’ Interface location: Tutorial > Construction Original text: http://puu.sh/olpTv/2cc979bf1f.jpg Mistake: ‘Every key buildings’ (line 1). It should be ‘All key buildings’ or ‘Every key building’ Interface location: Tutorial > Construction Original text: http://puu.sh/olpTv/2cc979bf1f.jpg Mistake: ‘Resourcess’ (line 2) should only have one ‘s’ Interface location: Constructors Hut > Assign worker with existing occupation Original text: http://puu.sh/olxLm/441dbdc78a.jpg Mistake: 'Chose' (button 1) Should be 'Choose'