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Found 5 results

  1. NEW saves won't load

    save files: https://ufile.io/z1qqk and https://ufile.io/bren1 build: 27.20828 severity: 5 description: I played for a bit earlier today and created the quicksave files linked above. I closed the game and came back later. Attempting to load either save I never get past the loading screen. I waited at least 10 minutes on each save. A save file that was created yesterday will load fine, and it takes less than a minute.
  2. Build Version: Alpha Description: Loading a game reset the exile villages population to 0-1. (in the image below you see 3 pop but it is because i didn't pause the game before taking a screenshot. There are a lot of house in built before the save.) Relevant image:
  3. Universim Load game

    Hi, I have enjoyed about 36 hours of gameplay which I cannot load, tried twice now, latest save was created on game running Ver 19695. When I load a game and select the saved game, it goes to load, it constantly shows the loading screen with the MOTD banners. Please Help. I don't know how to find error logs.
  4. Severity: 5 Upgrading the archive after researching the library can have a few very detrimental effects: 1) breaks saving 2) it deletes the auto save files 3) after loading and reloading and testing this, on some rounds, it deleted ALL the game's save files also the CPU use jumps to 90-100% once it's upgraded.. and if I copy my back up save files into the save folder after it's upgraded, the game deletes them... I can actually watch them poof in windows explorer lol also the game's memory use almost doubles once this is upgraded
  5. So my game is stuck saving, and i just realized it hasn't been auto saving for the last two hours.......