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Found 14 results

  1. Nuggets go for a swim

    Save file: https://ufile.io/1g29d Build: 27.20828 Severity: 3 I don't know how this wood got under water, but now I have a handful of Nuggets walking around in circles underwater trying to pick them up. I just assigned one of these guys to a job and it seems he is not going to ever show up for work until he has gotten his hands on this wood.
  2. Severity: 4 Versions: V26, V26 Hotfixes 1&2 The game shows I have 311 wood, and 125 refined wood. However, I only have 4 wood and 7 refined wood between all storages. So where's it counting all that wood? I looked high and low thinking that it may be on the ground... I couldnt find it anywhere. My nuggets stopped upgrading things because they can't seem to find these mystery resources. The same thing happens with stone, etc, etc I removed all my warehouses, and the issue persisted. I think these missing resources are underground or someplace the nuggets cant get them. In fact, when I removed ALL the warehouses, my resource count did not change AT ALL. so where did those resources go from the destroyed warehouses? I've suspected this in many playthroughs. However, I've tested this in 4 playthroughs now This could be why so many players are having issues with things not building in the game. The nuggets simply can't find those resources. the screenshot below is after I destroyed all my warehouses Reproduction: 100% of the time. The count never matches whats in storage + ground + local building storage. The problem gets worse as the game progresses in time and more resources are amassed. EDIT: I found the cause. When a player UPGRADES a warehouse, the old one is "demolished." this causes the resources to get "dumped" and they end up invisible or underground. Yet the game still counts them which is very misleading and causes problems with the nuggets
  3. Severity: 4 Description: The workers in them just sit in there and "do nothing" Replacing workers does not help Demolishing the buildings and rebuilding has worked for me giving me work a round, but others have said this doesn't help them Reproduction: Random and with time
  4. Once you are over 200 pop with 6+ cemeteries that are upgraded, they just eat up your wood. I cant cut and process wood fast enough Idea: They should upgrade to use gas
  5. Trees are problematic. 1) They do not "regrow" - they should 2) I should be able to "plant" them with a god power Tree get used up so fast that it's a problem
  6. Nuggets are wandering all over the planet to get the following things and they starve to death and dehydrate doing it 1) Dropped resources from other nuggets that died VERY far away 2) food 3) herbs 4) trees 5) stone Once you build a food source and have food, nuggets should STOP going after food (no foraging) unless you run out The same goes for herbs. Once you have an herb farm, the doctors need to get the herbs from storage, NOT wander around the planet If a nugget drops something due to death, and it's too far away, other nuggets should ignore what is dropped This is VERY problematic when you have a huge ocean (like i do) that spreads over 60% of the planet (it has 60 million gallons of water to give you an idea on how big it is) Also nuggets can sometimes walk FOREVER to get stone, wood, food, etc when there's a ton nearby EDIT: This seems to be only an issue around LARGE bodies of water
  7. The Game broke ?????????

    The Game broke ????????? launcher-debug.logoutput_log.txtoutput_log.txtoutput_log.txt output_log.txt I have a few screen shots but a 1.95mb cap ????????????????????????? every screen shot i have is like 2mb or bigger this is so frustrating i dont have a crash log because the game didnt crash your bug report didnt work because the game stoped "working" it "broke" at around 55 nuggets they all stoped moving starved to death pretty much until i got down to like 13 nuggets then they all took off running around trying to finish all the unfinished buildings and all the jobs it was ridicoulas i have proof i just cant post it because 1.95 mb seems to be a legit screenshot size ..........
  8. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug What client version you downloaded: Standalone PC version What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In game client Are you able to replicate the problem: Probably Detailed description of the problem: At 4 population, I had 2 nuggets as builders, 1 as food gatherer, and 1 as wood gatherer. In the job allocation box, I reassigned the wood gatherer to a 3rd builder. The nugget was partially in the middle of chopping a tree when I reassigned them. As soon as they had finished cutting down the tree, they bent down to pick up the wood from the tree for the construction project and the nugget clipped through the planet surface. The nugget would not reappear after that and was still living.
  9. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug What client version I downloaded: Mac (Dashboard) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Inside the Game client Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes. I could clip multiple bushes into the planet Detailed description of the problem: I had difficulty with the god power with the new bushes. Some I could pick up and some I couldn't. The bushes I could pick up would clip into the planet when set down.
  10. Incorrect Resource Amount v 0.0.8

    What client version you downloaded: standalone client PC Win10 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: game client Are you able to replicate the problem: This is the first time ive been able to catch it. Normally its evasive or i realize too late. Detailed description of the problem: The stone required was off by 1, Showing 11 instead of 10. Sorry for the link but image was too large for upload. http://imgur.com/9jVKgUU
  11. V 0.0.8 Cannot Place Water Pump

    This is technically two bugs in one but I think they are connected. I am playing on Windows 10 in the standalone game. When I started McPatchface the game started as normal, except all but one of the lakes on my planet were lumped together. I put my epicenter near the stand alone lake. I had the tutorials on. I built a few stone huts and constructors hut. I went to try and place the pump and it wouldn't let me. In previous builds the pump would snap to the side of the lake. This time it would not and there was the light beam coming from the lake. The pump would move around through the lake and not snap like it had previously. I'm sorry I didn't grab a screenshot.
  12. Game performance becomes choppy apparently after running the game for a long time. I started 'The Universim.exe' nearly 24 hours ago, but have allowed only approximately 1.5 hours to elapse in-game during this time (34 years in-game). I'm not sure if this is a result of any one thing, but it's likely that this can be caused by many factors. Basically, I think this happens because of the number of things that need to be updated for each game loop (including units, buildings, resources) - or jobs that occur at a regular interval. I notice that the game stops for around 250 ms every ~4 seconds. Sometimes the interval dips as low as every ~2.5 seconds. Frame rate still averages 100 fps. Doesn't seem to drop during the game performance freeze. I have attached a copy of runtime.stats from the game installation folder. When the issue occurred, the game is in year 34. At this point, a lot of weird things happened for me. I will list them below once I create those threads. runtime.stats
  13. What version you downloaded: PC Steam What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: game itself Are you able to replicate the problem: Everytime. Build a warehouse and make sure that all the food is stored into it. Detailed description of the problem: When the food is stored in a warehouse it become unavailable to the nuggets, that will die from hunger if the player can't keep the food amount higher than the warehouse storage capacity. As per this other bug, building a warehouse when the food amount is lower than the warehouse capacity, brings all the nuggets to a slow and unstoppable death.
  14. Invisible Resources

    I don't think this has been covered yet, apologies if it has. I have a reoccurring glitch in that my nuggets when mining, quite a lot of the time mine invisible rock. In addition to this, sometimes when they are mining (whether the rock is invisible or not) if it is along the shore line they get stuck mining continuously, not returning with any stone; until they die. Anyone else encountered this?