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Found 6 results

  1. QB4 Bug Report

    QB4 Bugs: The deer and huts still suffer from the flickering issues Frequent black boxes over nugget images in the Nugget List Panel and building panels The game initializes with the black box square borders overlaying the creator points circle (top left corner) however this self-corrects as soon as there are a few points Placeholder text in the mission menu boxes does not display properly (used to be lorem ipsum) Bear and deer movement animations are broken (no legs movement, animal statically moves around the map). Mammoth animation was working and got broken over time. Extremely low FPS during the initial launch animation (intro & planets flyover) Gameplay & Nice-to-Haves: Water management is still a pain and there is no water source in the winter (reservoir is frozen, wells are too small), evaporated in the summer “This is quite a beautiful planet, try not to ruin it” message is too frequent The game could benefit form shorter night cycle The game freezes for 2 seconds on auto-save
  2. 5 - Stuck heading home

    Hey, this is the same game as the nugget under water/rock I now have a nugget, that stands at the entrance to the eatery, being stuck in "Heading Home" No idea what caused it. Also as a side note: the eatery is in range of two engineers, but yet not being repaired... One engineer keeps running to the water wheels, goes underwater and has status "reparing" output_log_6.rar stuckheadinghome.rar
  3. Hi, I only noticed this after I had a Sandstorm and a Wolf attack on my village. The horn for the bunkers was sounding as the wolfs attacked. 10 Nuggets died as everyone tried to run for the bunkers but got killed or scared by wolfs. After the storm was over, i noticed a nugget being underwater, tried to save - got the "save in progress" stuck issue. Closed the info with esc, went to look for the underwater nugget, but he was either gone or now in/under a rock. made a save. he came out afterwards and a new nugget went under water for a drink. So i have by luck two saves, one where the nugget is not yet under water, and one where he goes for a drink underwater. nugget that will be going for a drink underwater when you load the stuck in rock savegame is Delnoho Shamuov. underwaterdrink.rar stuck in rock.rar output_log_4.txt output_log_5.txt
  4. 5 - underground animals

    Hey, I have my first underground animals. output_log_2.txt groundwalkingwolf.rar
  5. Hey, Love the new Intro and i directly wanted to skip it, which would be a nice feature, which caused a freeze of the game. I had to kill it via task manager. Repro: Start game, click new game, watch intro. When the into fly's over the moon, there is a short display of camera options on top right. You can now press ESC to enter game menu, pres ESC again and once the intro finishes, game is frozen completely. Link to video, close to the end when the intro is heading towards mother planet, before the moon is passed, check my mouse courser and follow it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U-3ti55TXTHoJ_TUkvRZXOahz1pWqBak/ check at 2:50 the UI glitch at around 3:00 i press ESC and the game then freezes, but the intro finishes.
  6. When pressing "F" to jump to an event and focus the camera on it, you are unable to zoom. Only way to get out is to use WASD or move the camera. The camera then also applies any zoom you may have done before. I would actually expect to be able to zoom while focused on the event.