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Found 9 results

  1. Severity: 4 Once you start to cover a lot of area, like in my screenshot, and have a pop of 200+ the game's FPS goes way down If you look at my screenshot, my GPU really is NOT busy at all. So the cause is something else I know this will take a while to fix and tune which is why I'm bringing it up now Specs i7-2600K @ 5.1GHz 32GB RAM GTX 1080Ti
  2. Crash

    Latest version of the game on Windows 10 OS, launched from desktop. PC specs: -ASUS laptop -Intel i7-4710HQ CPU 2.5GHz clocked at 3.5GHz -12GB RAM -Nvidia geforce GTX 870M Game settings in order: -Auto detect -Fullscreen -Display 1 -High -High -Midway on slider -High -Off -Pre texture I was able to replicate the crash by spamming heal godpower in the most recent save. Playing the game for the first time in a while, and enjoying all the new and updated content. Had a sizeable gathering of 32 Nuggets and surviving for 2 winters, so there were a lot of activity on screen. Until half of them died of starvation. But i digress. I found that the healing power of the game did not take away any of my godpower, so I spammed it (ALOT of intense godrays) in an attempt to save some of my nuggets as all the buildings were collapsing. I turned the camera fast, and that's when the game crashed. First time reporting anything anywhere; sorry in advance for bad report. Love the concept of The Universessim, and would like to contribute where I can. output_log.txt error.log crash.dmp
  3. Unable to place Epicenter

    Stand-alone for PC Windows 10 Encountered in game-play I misclicked on placing my epicenter one time and clicked "no" that I wasn't ready and now it won't let me do it at all. I've tried Restarting the game Messing with the game settings Uninstalling and reinstalling Nothing is working, what do I do?? I can't play the new updated version at all);
  4. V0.0.9 late game performance slightly worse What client version you downloaded: Linux Launcher with Ubuntu 16.04, launcher runs The Universim.x86_64 What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: game client Are you able to replicate the problem: not sure, only played one really long game Detailed description of the problem: I played for about 5 hours. I noticed the performance got slightly worse around 3 or 4 hours (~45 nuggets). I don't have measurements, but I would say the framerate dropped from say 30FPS to 20FPS. My graphics card is a bit old though. Nvidia GeForce GT 430. So it's hard to say if it's the GPU or CPU getting slower. I may get a new graphics card soon, which should eliminate the GPU as the bottleneck. Is there an FPS display? I would be willing to run a game in gdb or valgrind in the future. Although I think I'll wait for the next patch before doing another long game. Overall the game is rock-solid. I haven't had a single crash in my ~3 hour game or ~5 hour game. top output late in the game If you're interested I get get another top output early in the game. Here's the whole village:
  5. Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug

    Patch 0.0.9 Glorious world bug What client version you downloaded: Mac (Dashboard) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In game client Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes. Every time I would select a nugget portrait or a construction complete notification Detailed description of the problem: The new feature that allows you to follow nuggets around didn't work for me. Every time I would select a nugget's portrait, the screen would zoom up to planet view and when I tried zooming back down, the screen would shoot back up to planet view again. I would have the same issue when clicking on a construction complete notification message. I would have to hit the escape button to exit the camera lock.
  6. Game performance becomes choppy apparently after running the game for a long time. I started 'The Universim.exe' nearly 24 hours ago, but have allowed only approximately 1.5 hours to elapse in-game during this time (34 years in-game). I'm not sure if this is a result of any one thing, but it's likely that this can be caused by many factors. Basically, I think this happens because of the number of things that need to be updated for each game loop (including units, buildings, resources) - or jobs that occur at a regular interval. I notice that the game stops for around 250 ms every ~4 seconds. Sometimes the interval dips as low as every ~2.5 seconds. Frame rate still averages 100 fps. Doesn't seem to drop during the game performance freeze. I have attached a copy of runtime.stats from the game installation folder. When the issue occurred, the game is in year 34. At this point, a lot of weird things happened for me. I will list them below once I create those threads. runtime.stats
  7. BUG: FPS Drop on Restart

    Platform: Win 10 64Bit (0_0_5_1602162342) Description: Using the ingame "Restart" option to create a new world caues a fps drop of 50-70%. Reproducible: Yes Steps to reproduce: Press "Escape" Press "Restart" Use F12 to see FPS before and after
  8. What client version you downloaded: Dashboard Pc What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: Game itself Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes, after a little more of 30 minutes into the game Detailed description of the problem: After spending a little more than 30 minutes playing with a population of 30 and counting i did a quick check on the population log and suddently from a smooth game, i got a lagged one. Waited a minute or so just letting the computer get back to normal but it didn't work, still lagging. Closed the population log and everything got back to normal. Tried again to open and the same problem, both the backgrand with the nuggets lagging, and the tab itself too. Cloud be a one time problem so i restarted the game, but either the restart and the exit and re-open game got the same problem at more than 30 minutes playing. Edit: After the problem starts, even if the population is reduced to half, the lag persists.
  9. What client version you downloaded: (Steam version PC) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: (The Nuggets Aging fast in-none tutorial, in-game and making new nuggets babies just fine without-tutorial enable. The Clock/In-year In-Game the years are not being keep counted-With/Without Tutorial. ) Are you able to replicate the problem: (With-Tutorial in-game guiding threw Nuggets starts at young age, and grow to mid-age slower, and it can't make Nugget Babies to quickly/normal with Tutorial Enable. With Tutorial Turn Off with Normal Game-play I was able to make Nugget Babies quicker because Nuggets was aging Normally. ) Detailed description of the problem: 2nd Screen - With-Tutorial This best I had. :-)