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Found 6 results

  1. Build: 0.32.24034 - Latest experimental Steam Severity: 3 AI pathing seems to struggle in experimental compared to main branch. Seen a lot of instances with nuggets standing completely still in nooks and crannies of especially mountains or stony areas, and remaining there until either food or hunger reaches a critical point and they walk back from whence they came. This also occasionally happens with buildings, especially late medieval/modern age(University and any of the larger modern buildings). Consequences are the occasional building-site that never completes if all assigned builders get stuck(Rebuilding in same place does not help unless you wait, since it assigns the same nuggets), and any slightly-remote buildings going unmanned since all nuggets trying to reach work there ends stuck in the same(ish) location. At worst I've had something along the lines of 10-15 nuggets stuck in the same tiny space, looking like one person, trying to reach a building site to clear it.
  2. Somehow, my Nuggets dropped stacks of wood and stone about 10ft underwater. I know it happened AFTER a wolfpack attack. Regardless, the nuggets are repeatedly trying to recover the sunken resources. They path into the water right to the stacks, then pause, turn around, and attempt to find a new path to the resources. They will loop forever, with dehydration usually getting them first. I can stop them from looping by picking them up and placing them on the other side of town. Eventually, if I catch everyone, the resources de-spawn and everyone goes back to work. I only noticed the problem because my stores of lumber were strangely low and construction had stopped because of the lumber shortage. That's when I started looking around and saw nuggets looping back into the oceans.
  3. Nugget Pathing

    Ran into a slightly annoying bug, seems some of the nuggets pathing can be broken. placed down a farm and and eatery (this was in a huge city) and the nuggets could not make it to their respective jobs. I was forced to use telekinesis to move them near their job. Afterwords they pathed normally.
  4. Severity: 3 Versions: V26 - all versions Early on in the game, the nuggets insist on drinking from lakes - even when there are plenty of wells and restaurants Problem: The wells , etc early on have VERY little capacity/refill and a player lacks resources and labor to build a lot of wells Temp work around: player must build a LOT more wells and restaurants than they should early on Reproduction: 100% of the time on every play through Suggestion: A slight increase to well capacity and/or refill rate to begin with. Eventually this should be a "difficulty" settings issue IMO
  5. Nuggets are wandering all over the planet to get the following things and they starve to death and dehydrate doing it 1) Dropped resources from other nuggets that died VERY far away 2) food 3) herbs 4) trees 5) stone Once you build a food source and have food, nuggets should STOP going after food (no foraging) unless you run out The same goes for herbs. Once you have an herb farm, the doctors need to get the herbs from storage, NOT wander around the planet If a nugget drops something due to death, and it's too far away, other nuggets should ignore what is dropped This is VERY problematic when you have a huge ocean (like i do) that spreads over 60% of the planet (it has 60 million gallons of water to give you an idea on how big it is) Also nuggets can sometimes walk FOREVER to get stone, wood, food, etc when there's a ton nearby EDIT: This seems to be only an issue around LARGE bodies of water
  6. Occurrence 1 of 1 (however other players has express seeing a similar situation) When a water pump gets plotted down the first time around, the point of interaction gets move lower than ground level, which makes Nuggets walk pretty far to access that path strangely enough. Soon as construction is finish on the upgrade, the new building is re positioned for some odd reason underground level. Finding the building with the building menu always points directly down confirming the structure is close to the planet's core. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: I believe this issue was cause by fixing a previous bug; the flexibility to build the water pump at more access location has created the option for the nuggets access point to that structure to be sometimes triggered below map level. I believe you are using structure drop placement on the Z scale, but I think because the ground level is above the new Z spawn point for the upgraded structure, it is dropping the structure at the dead center of the planet. Most players thinks the building went INVISIBLE when it is simply under the world map. This bug is of a critical severity since the building can no longer be interacted once upgraded IMPOSSIBLE TO SUBMIT PICTURE, BUILDING IS UNDERGROUND