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Found 24 results

  1. nuggets suiciding in lake

    hey there, I recently bought the Universim and am so far really happy with it, also the prospect of helping to develop the game by giving feedback So let's get to it: My nuggets have expanded quite heavily, I have a population of more than 300, and now that they settled "the other side of the lake", too, they regularly walk into the water and...I don't know what exactly happens then, but there's also loads of dead nuggets around that area. See screenshot, there's several "corpse-bile" blotches in the shore-area. From my superficial knowledge and observations it looks like a pathfinding problem... Just as a heads-up!

    I am playing Version V26. Today is 10/8/2018. 3:54 am eastern time. Scale of severity: 4 I have 115 nuggets in my world but i only see a few of them moving around and a dozen staying still. I click on them and it says they are doing something or in shock/awe. I cannot pick them up or kill the ones that are staying still. So i tested it and demanded a fishery to be built and it was built but i did not see any nuggets around it hammering it or delivering resources. After a while dealing with this bug. It gets worse! Now i cant change seasons. I demand building to be constructed but nothing happens. More nuggets start to freeze and stay still. it becomes a ghost town and unplayable. I have picture of my city with the population shown above but no nuggets to be found just some and those "some", are the ones frozen. Reproduction--- I verified my files and nothing happened. I saved my file during this bug right before it gets worse. I can change the seasons when i load saved file and then within minutes i cannot change seasons anymore. This happened to me after medieval era. I do not know why it started to happen. I noticed it very early in game but just with one nugget. Then it became 2. Then all of a sudden dozens of them and the rest of the nuggets vanished.. The nuggets are there but you cant see them basically. In game animals become frozen too after a while and they start to bundle up next to each other. It's the very exact thing that happens to the nuggets now besides the bundling. They are all separated in my city, FROZEN! The rest of the nuggets are GHOSTS! I clicked on a hunter and he was frozen but it said he was hunting but in my eyes he was just frozen staying still. The game became unplayable so i saved and stopped playing. IF YOU NEED A SAVED FILE PLEASE INSTRUCT ME HOW TO DO THAT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THAT JUST IMAGES. Edit: it sucks that i came this far into the game and all of this is happening. :(. Hopefully the fix does not include a reset for everyone.
  3. Seems there issue with nuggets walking on water, underground and in the air and Iv'e seen wildlife only go underground.
  4. Severity: 3 Versions: V26 - all versions Early on in the game, the nuggets insist on drinking from lakes - even when there are plenty of wells and restaurants Problem: The wells , etc early on have VERY little capacity/refill and a player lacks resources and labor to build a lot of wells Temp work around: player must build a LOT more wells and restaurants than they should early on Reproduction: 100% of the time on every play through Suggestion: A slight increase to well capacity and/or refill rate to begin with. Eventually this should be a "difficulty" settings issue IMO
  5. Build version: V26 Severity on a scale of 1-5: 4 Description: Randomly they just stand there doing nothing, and that kills them as they starve, etc to death. Reproduction: It just happens randomly, and unless you keep on top of it, it can wipe your civ out I only have 2 doing this out of 160. So as long as the player can pick them up and drop them, its a temp work around, but if it gets out of hand... LOL Often they are stuck on SOMETHING (a building, on a tree, on a rock, on a lakeshore, etc).. but the odd thing is they aren't trying to do something. It's not like they are STUCK and still trying to go someplace.. They literally are doing nothing LOL TEMP SOLUTION: picking up the nugget, and gently dropping it "fixes" it. It will then go eat, drink, etc and return to normal productivity AFTER PICKING UP AND DROPPING NUGGET:
  6. Version: v26 Severity: 2 Description: The God power Le Cupidon highlights nuggets in phase 3 of their life who can't reproduce Reproduction: 100% reproduction as this always happens. Simply use the power and if an OLD nugget is single, they will turn pink or blue
  7. Often I will have 200+ wood and stone, but hardly any in storage... and this is with 40+ laborers. And once things are put in storage, nuggets really dont want to get them. They seem to want to chop a tree down, or go mine stone, or go get food/herbs before using storage. Putting stuff in, and taking it out, should be top priority
  8. There seems to be a problem with nuggets taking care of themselves 1) Part of the issue is PATHING. Often they are picking a well, restaurant, etc VERY far away when there's one very close 2) The biggest issue seem exhaustion. When it hits 0, they aren't "just falling asleep" like they should. They just move VERY slow and keep working until they die. Even if their food and drink runs out, they will NOT go eat and drink. 3) Also the priority seems to be off. There should be a priority that nuggets take care of things when ALL of them are low or 0 food or drink should be number 1 and 2 rest should be third unless it's 0 and they fall asleep 4) Nuggets are also not going to eat/drink/sleep soon enough. They seem to be "waiting until it's too late" sometimes.. 5) Picking up and dropping a nugget seems to fix it , temporarily. When you do that, the nugget will go eat, drink, etc
  9. Nuggets are wandering all over the planet to get the following things and they starve to death and dehydrate doing it 1) Dropped resources from other nuggets that died VERY far away 2) food 3) herbs 4) trees 5) stone Once you build a food source and have food, nuggets should STOP going after food (no foraging) unless you run out The same goes for herbs. Once you have an herb farm, the doctors need to get the herbs from storage, NOT wander around the planet If a nugget drops something due to death, and it's too far away, other nuggets should ignore what is dropped This is VERY problematic when you have a huge ocean (like i do) that spreads over 60% of the planet (it has 60 million gallons of water to give you an idea on how big it is) Also nuggets can sometimes walk FOREVER to get stone, wood, food, etc when there's a ton nearby EDIT: This seems to be only an issue around LARGE bodies of water
  10. they are going in and getting stuck at 40 health.. and the healthbar looks odd
  11. How do I name them

    I have the task of baptizing the baby nuggets and naming them. I cant figure out how.
  12. This morning, just laoded my yesterday saved game and all my nuggets were stuck in place. Happens on my manually made saved game and also on my auto saved games. That means i have to restart all over again and lost like 3 or 4 hours of gameplay. I've found a saved game that is from an hour before that save that is not corrupted. I'll try to get back from there and see if later down the line it happens again.
  13. Nugget Editor

    Hello everyone, I have a quick newbie question. I'm not sure if this has already been answered or if it's somewhere on the forum but if so tell me and I'll just remove my post. How do I go about editing my nuggets appearance?
  14. Whenever I use my god power to pick up a nugget they stick to my cursor even when I try to let them go. And sometimes I can get them off by pressing the pick up commands again but sometimes I cannot and I'm just forever swinging a dead nugget around.
  15. I had just gotten over the "archive" upgrade and upgraded two hunter's huts and when I went to place nuggets at the job, it would not let me. I was able to use everything else on screen but when I went in to view the nugget log outside of the hunter's hut they all disappeared. Viewed it in hunter's hut log again and it was also blank. I saved and exited out and that seemed to fix the issue. I haven't had any real performance issues otherwise. Awesome job guys!
  16. Hello all, I don't post often, but play The Universim every time a new patch is out :D. I'm loving its development. But here's an idea that I've been thinking about for a while - will there be a mechanism for managing Nugget population decreases - especially in the early game? Like everyone I get to a certain stage in the game and things go wrong. Nuggets die and the population shrinks. This means that all buildings are suddenly no longer manned - I mean - Nuggeted. It all goes wrong after that. There's not enough food or building start to collapse from lack of maintenance (as the builders have been sent to farm or fish). The population continues to shrink and any growth is off-set by further Nugget deaths. What do you all think? Would this be something that would be a good idea? A possible way to look at balancing/dealing with population decreases, might be to increase fertility or breeding after a shrink. But I don't know the game mechanics well enough to know if that would work. I'm just a game enjoyer and enthusiast, not a developer or expert. A
  17. Disappearing Nuggets!

    Disappearing Nuggets! Sometimes when nuggets are adventuring somewhere, they seem to disappear and then reappear. I use Mac OS X BTW
  18. v 0.0.8 - PC - Standalone Problem was in the game. I did repeat the problem another time. While eating or drinking the Nuggets statistics keep dropping even after waiting a little while.
  19. v 0.0.8 - Standing, dead Nuggets

    v 0.0.8 - Standalone While playing the problem happens in the game. I did replicate the problem. After Nuggets are dead they are standing around the camp. The Nugget "Komohu" is in the middle of the screen and another dead one is just above that one.
  20. v 0.0.8 - Nuggets dying off rapidly

    v 0.0.8 - PC Standalone Problem was in game while playing. Tried switching the worker speed to a slower level and it seemed like they died off slower, but could be wrong. I was able to replicate the problem just by playing the game again. No special steps or anything. Nuggets first will exclaim that they are thirsty and then their health drops and drops until they are dead. I was not able to get any of my Nuggets past age 30. They would all die off before then. I think I was able to get to year 37 before they were all dead. They would usually die off one at a time taking about two - three minutes for each to die completely. Not certain if related but I was watching my Nugg's eat and drink meanwhile their food and drink stats were dropping anyways (Making another report for this).
  21. Idle Nuggets in 0.0.5

    In my first play on the new patch i notice that i did not geth more then 4 nuggets. And they died by hunger becaus some nuggets standed still at the food basket and did not take food and the other where dancing around the nugget (female). I thought i letted you guys know meaby there is a work around but i ended with all nuggets dead becaus of hunger.
  22. Hi guys, I've noticed an occasional issue with my Nuggets saying they are hungry in the notifications, and then shortly after die of starvation. My food was displayed as around 130~ with the consumption just over one, one Nugget even died of starvation in the Epicenter right next to the food! I am using the stand alone version, 0_0_4_1601152036 on PC.
  23. people stuck

    I have 4 nuggets stuck. Sometimes they are walking in place trying to do their job. Is there a ingame screen capture?
  24. Research Stuck

    Hi, my first bug report for The Universim I must say this game is fantastic and a blast to play even for a pre alpha test. But I have noticed that after a certain while research freezes after at least 5 or more techs have been researched. Example: I researched the first few Stone Age techs then after I decide to go for fire or agriculture they complete sometimes but get delayed then after a while the techs just freeze and I have to cancel them then try again. It may have to do with that all my Nuggets are doing to much at a time and don't have enough time to research. Because I think research has to do with the priorities set by the Epicenter that are set by me. I have noticed similar things with builders or eating like they would just sit in one place keep eating or mill around the build site. But then when I set the epicenter to low or rest they seem to do fine. Otherwise its a great game by the way!! -DysonRing