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Found 11 results

  1. Nuggets colors?

    How many types of colors there are for nuggets? I found the blu, red and "normal now.
  2. Severity 5/5 I have started three lives thus far and have never been able to make it to education. I currently have a healthy and happy population with a prosperous and defensive start. I have had a tornado threaten to hit me twice in which this bug happened and once without (afaik). In the attached image you'll see that the game is in play mode and the time is at 1 second. I did not have to try and time it, my game has been frozen like this for ages. My nuggets that were at 95% completion in a construction are still hammering away at it but all progress has frozen. I am really enjoying this game but I have an issue with progression. Severity 3/5 Game stutters whenever I click on archives building. I feel like the archives building is unnecessary. Perhaps make the epicenter the archives building instead of the awkward circles on the ground and have the worker there function more as an advocate to insight believers... like a church type deal. If you have any questions, let me know, I'll bookmark this page.
  3. Nugget Juice

    Hi guys, I was wondering after i read the new patchnotes where are the roads u wanna implement these days. Are they going to be implemented in another pathc?
  4. Weird nugget bug recorder on v19

    Weird nugget bug recorder on v19 Hello, I recorded this bug yesterday on v0.0.19.8124 but didn't press the ingame bug button (sry for that), but the whole recording is here, it happened on start of the game, as two nuggets decided to commit suicide by moving on the same spot without an apparent reason. I even tried to move them but without success, they both died on start of the game from thirst and hunger, even when I had more than enough food and water. Game is played on Win 10 Pro x64 on i7 with 32Gb RAM and GTX 970
  5. Immortal Nuggets

    Immortal Nuggets I really do not know too much about the bug or the circumstances. The only thing that I am aware of is that the nuggets probably should not be living to 150 years old and still show no signs of kicking the bucket.
  6. Crash throwing Nugget

    Crash throwing Nugget Steps to reproduce: I tried to throw a second dead Nugget into a lake. Build information & game settings: latest build( Graphics at Maximum, V-SYNC is off, fullscreen, Audio 7.1 more informations in screenshots crash.dmp DxDiag.txt error.log output_log.txt
  7. Nugget wont look for rocks

    What client version you downloaded: Standalone PC version 0.0.7 (Die Hard) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: In game - time:idk exactly time runs slower in my configuration but about year 12 ingame into a new game Are you able to replicate the problem: First time now Detailed description of the problem: Nuggets appear to be looking for a stone to work on, but they are simply standing doing nothing. IE one of the nuggets its standing there 2 years ago and didnt move an inch. BTW a quick question, if i throw a stone near to the epicenter, the nuggets are supposed to farm from it?
  8. Nugget cant mate bug (Die Hard)

    What client version you downloaded: Standalone PC version 0.0.7 (Die Hard) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: idk exactly time runs slower in my configuration but about year 8 ingame into a new game Are you able to replicate the problem: First time for now, im trying to replicate it Detailed description of the problem: I think its a concecuence of the terrain glitch, one of my female nuggets its ready to mate, in the manual mating bar when you try to click it in order for her to go mate somebody, the portrait dissapear and reapear instantly.
  9. Platform: Win 10 64Bit (0_0_5_1602162342) Description: When placing buildings very close together it may happen that Nuggets get stuck inside or between buildings Reproducible: No Steps to reproduce: I have not found a way to reproduce this problem with accuracy. But it happened two times to me already. Once I built the epicenter in a very dense forest. My Nuggets could not leave it and were stuck inside. Once I build the Constructors Hut very close to the epicenter. The builder of the constructors hut got stuck between the Constructors Hut and the Epicenter, when he was finished building
  10. Bugs in new update (resolve)

    So after playing for a while i went into the nugget menu were i set jobs so i can free a person up to farm. When i moved it and set apply no one was set free. I then went back into the menu to investigate, i was able to move the bar to the end and set apply but no one gets allocated to the job. This makes the game unplayable as i wasn't able to do anything like research and stuff afterwards.
  11. Guess the Nugget!

    WARNING: Cheesy names are present. Look below this line at your own risk. It's time for Guess the Nugget! Today, we have a new nuggetised name from history. You have one try to find out the actual name, type the answer in your reply! Any replies after your first will not count. Look, since it's your first time, I'll give you an easy one: Nueen Nuctoria Good luck!