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Found 2 results

  1. In the new experimental branch, I have been maxing out my ram and cpu both of which, never went above 30% in v29 even with the higher population in v29. This leads me to believe there is a memory leak with something that was introduced in the new update that I can not seem to figure out what it would be. Below I will attach my save file to help and see if someone else could figure out the issue. This problem only seemed to show up after the prison or rehab facility was decided apon. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FDnbmBC5PRRtvBWnEA7HV5sS3qZsTyRB (EDIT1) I am suspicious that the rocks around the world are cloning themselves and eventually there are so many rocks it lags the game I have over 100 rocks in the photo above alone!
  2. I've been a bit off and on with TU, but decided to check back in today; I played for several hours and in that time: 1. Created a new planet, piddled with it, messed it up, decided to remake 2. Created a new planet, decided I liked it, archived it, messed it up, decided to make a new one 3. Created a new planet, finally realized the order needed for something I was trying to do, started doing that thing and BOOM! Freeze. At this point, I gave it the 3-finger salute and went to see what Task Manager might tell me. This is what I found: I may be pushing the limits on things like restarts, loading old saves, and generally being very happy to restart at the drop of a penny... or it could be a memory leak. Either way, decided to post about it here and let the folks at TU decide. (Happy to supply any additional information - just let me know what!)