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Found 3 results

  1. Here's what I found: 1. After a while, the game is not saved 2. Engineers do not repair buildings: archive, prayer altar and many other buildings, priorities are random or full ignore. 3. Modeling nuggets disappear, only beards go, (fix to take them in hand and release, then appear) 4. Typos in Russian localization (not critical (!)) 5. Ignore or partially ignore the improvement of the building, although resources are available in full. 6. Fishermen swim upright https://prntscr.com/jbnelu 7. Nuggets will stop bringing materials to the wood and stone refinery and eventually stop bringing them to any building to upgrade or even build brand new ones. 8. Nuggets will randomly stop doing their jobs and show "Doing Nothing" even though there is work to be done. 9. Nuggets still get stuck on trees and mountains and die of thirst and hunger 10. Prioritization of buildings still doesn't work properly. 11. Nuggets will not replace their stone huts with Tudor Houses if there is not enough room. 12. To go with the one above nugget population drops like a rock for no reason when they get up high as well and don't recover.
  2. Orbital Rings

    Orbital Rings I am not sure if this is a bug of a feature. Things don't really "orbit" since orbital mechanics are not in the game, yet. But items dropped into place high enough just hang there. But if you get tired of trying to keep Nuggets alive you can build an orbital ring with rocks and trees (and Nugget corpses) around the planet. The trees not only spin in place but also change color with the season. Running into both trees and flying rocks will break the 'window pane' of the view into the game just like colliding with a mountain. Version of the current build: ALPHA V. Operating System: Linux (openSuSE 42.2 Leap) Module: Mechanisms, Graphics Computer specs: Intel i7-6700K @ 4Ghz; 32GiB DDR4 RAM; 2x EVGA nVidia GTX 970 Brief BUG/Glitch Description: objects released far enough from planet 'hover' in place How do you replicate this issue EXACTLY (Required!): 1. pickup a tree, a rock or a Nugget corpse 2. fly away from the planet 3. release (not toss) object Expect object to fall back to the planet. Observe that the object spins in place. Objects tossed even lightly may travel ballistically around the planet and land somewhere. Nugget corpses let go too near the planet will slowly drift down to the ground.
  3. v 0.0.8 - Nuggets dying off rapidly

    v 0.0.8 - PC Standalone Problem was in game while playing. Tried switching the worker speed to a slower level and it seemed like they died off slower, but could be wrong. I was able to replicate the problem just by playing the game again. No special steps or anything. Nuggets first will exclaim that they are thirsty and then their health drops and drops until they are dead. I was not able to get any of my Nuggets past age 30. They would all die off before then. I think I was able to get to year 37 before they were all dead. They would usually die off one at a time taking about two - three minutes for each to die completely. Not certain if related but I was watching my Nugg's eat and drink meanwhile their food and drink stats were dropping anyways (Making another report for this).