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Found 2 results

  1. I have about 80 nuggets and auto and manual save wont work.. it just sits there at Saving..... esc clears the window, but the game is not saved. Deleting the archive and rebuilding doesn't help. The save feature worked earlier but then just stopped. I even let it sit at "saving..." for 15 mins and nothing. Suggestion: GET RID this archive/save feature and just let the player save and auto save from the main menu... EDIT: I have confirmed autosave is the problem. After so many autosaves, the game just stops. Making a new building does not fix this. You must shut the game down and reload your save. Turning of auto save prevents this problem EDIT: This still happens with autosave turned off, it just takes a lot longer to happen EDIT: APPEARS FIXED WITH THE HOTFIX
  2. Fire Fly Cause Decals

    When it night and the fire fly's are around, if you in bad luck and have the camera on a wrong angle, the firyfly's and stars can case huge screen decals, potentially even crashing your graphics card and or system. I only managed to capture an slight hint of it but i seen it go full screen to. To reproduce, wait till it night time, or half in to the night; go find a lake where you see green fyrefly's, pause the game, and hover around a bit.