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Found 7 results

  1. Savegame Error

    Savegames with more than 300 Nuggets is just loading forever. So the game doesn't start. V0.0.35.25396 Files (Savegame + DxDiag) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/aogtal0ti54hf5s/AADUtuA9ur6MisaYG8OfM2e1a?dl=0
  2. Hi, I see a lot of people have reported this problem, and I have the same problem too. It's so bad I have stopped playing the game until it is fixed. I assume the developers have an idea by now, of what is causing the problem? Can we get a status update of the progress on this issue? Thank you
  3. The game will sometimes crash on the loading screen when loading a save. It usually faults in mono.dll Also the loading screen will often severely lag or freeze. This lag/freeze can take a few minutes to up to TEN minutes to resolve The bigger the save (more nuggets, buildings, etc) the longer that load takes and is more crash prone.
  4. Steam Version - Windows 10 Game Client - Loading Screen Replicate - Yes (Every time I try to load a game.) CPU: Intel i5-7600 Kaby Lake Video: 1070 GTX RAM: 32GB I bought this game right as it went up for sale on steam and downloaded it. Played it with no problems really, few stutters here and there nothing major. I saved it last night and when I woke up this morning I clicked to load my saved game. It just gets stuck on loading screen. I can move the cursor, I can hear the music, I see the tips and loading planet spinning. It just goes on and on and on, never loads. I also tried the autosave files and they do the same thing. Steam validated, same thing. Earth.rar
  5. This morning i tried to load my saved game from yesterday, but the game didnt want too. Stay stuck on loading screen. I can send the save file through a PM but apparently cant upload here.
  6. I successfully downloaded and updated game, however when I clicked start The Universim.exe file, there is only sound but no window at all ( only the mouse cursor showed up). The screenshot is how it looked like when I have opened the game (yes there's nothing). I couldn't find the output.txt file. I'm using newest windows 10 OS,below is my system configure. I'm concerning about the saferun file, it said if i cannot open that file, then the c-patch installation is failed. Were those signs of installation fail? Hoping to find a good solution here cause I REALLY LOVE The Univerism.
  7. Load and crash

    Hello, I did try the autosave feature in the game and it didn't work either a manual save or the autosave. When I tried to load the save game, it crash my game. Not sure where to report the "report" but there was a report made after the crash. error.log crash.dmp