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Found 1 result

  1. Patch Notes V 0.0.4 (Dark Light)

    PATCH NOTES 0.0.4 (Dark Light) Please note: Patch 0.0.4 (Dark Light) primarily focuses on balancing and some bug fixes as the majority of our team was on vacation for the better part of December. As such, the patch is smaller than the previous. The following patch will be much larger to compensate for this. Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where the resource piles of a construction site were not visible Fixed an issue with the News Log window that caused its content to flicker Other structures will now not be able to be constructed on top of the farm plots Fixed a performance issue during dragging the UI windows Reversed the scroll bar of the Farm Panel's crop selection section Fixed an issue that caused tooltips not to fade away New Content: Settings Panel Selecting a planet object will now reveal information about the object UI Design: Settings screen Workers ID card font fix Main UI population icon change Atlas upgrade and optimisation Gameplay Changes: Maximum Fertile Female at a time: from 2 to 3 Nugget Maximum Carry Capacity: from 3 to 10 (not final will be balanced more) Idle Stamina Decrease Pet Tick: from -0.2 to -0.1 Default Task Stamina Decrease Per Tick: from -0.5 to -0.3 Buildings Construction Process Building Farm Time: from 5 to 120 Building Stone Hut: from 20 to 60 Building Warehouse: from 5 to 120 Building Bonfire: from 5 to 60 Building construction hut: from 5 to 60 Increase amount of rabbits Planet Day Night Cycle Increased: from 480 to 560 Bonfire disabled for future balancing(edited)