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Found 3 results

  1. No Sound since update.

    Good Evening, Since running the newest patch (on October 4th)I havent had sound in game no narrations, or music, or SFX. I bought the game straight from the site and I have deleted and reinstalled since coming up with this issue. Edit: Also nothing else on the system giving me sound issues.
  2. Water Problems

    Hello, It seems there is a problem with building multiple buildings, at least for the water related things... I build one water pump and one tank and when my population grew i tried to build another pump but nothing happens when i click on the icon for the water pump... the menu closes and its back to nothing. can anyone help me? am i doing something wrong?
  3. Paragon Issues

    Paragon Issues Well I have been trying the new build out for some time now . Things that I found: - Loading time , sometimes the game freezes while loading a new game - Nuggets AI are screwed up. When they are sick or injured , they do not go to the hospital directly , instead they keep on doing what they do until they are almost death and then they go - The requirements of the buildings are happening to fast.. What do I mean. Well nuggets dying , injuring , buildings degrade to fast for me to even keep up. Even when I try to build all the buildings required faster then they first are needed , I still loose to much niggets on diseases and death. - The harvest season of fishing is rediculous. I mean never heard of ice fishing. So the first year I allread start off with to little food. - Cannot use the god powers to chop trees or get stone. This update really screwed up the game mechanics for me.. Please fix it