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Found 3 results

  1. UI question

    I've been searching everywhere but cant find out what the bar under the directional arrow is for on the top UI panel. Starts off green empties and fills up with red. Its bugging the hell out of me.
  2. [SUGGESTION] GUI changes

    Heya. I was just playtesting the game again and while watching the GUI change, after assigning a nugget to the forecast tower, it came to me that the whole GUI could "evolve" along the abillities of the gamer/god.That way you could kinda "introduce" every single part of the GUI and its position without overhelming/confusing the gamer by having all the graphs and buttons visible already. EDIT: Still I have to wait for a mod authorizing my thread. That's bothering me a bit,guys! Am I somehow putting public safety at risk, or what? Acknowledged.
  3. Hello. I just downloaded the demo (the game looks like it's going to be great!) but all I have is a planet that I can rotate around. There aren't any controls or user interface of any kind. Do I have to purchase something in order to actually get controls? If so, that's not very clear on the Steam portal. Or else, I totally missed it.