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Found 3 results

  1. V30 Gravedigger running around

    I’ve played three different worlds and each one my grave digger has three bodies and will not take them to the cemetery. He just runs back and forth around the village. If i pick him up that usually resets him.
  2. Year:~130 Pop: ~120 I had a big influx of die offs from a previous spike in population, dropping from 150ish down to 120ish. I built extra upgraded cemeteries, jumping from 2 to 4. Over the next 10-15 years the graveyards all filled up and the gravediggers remained at the cemeteries "Doing Nothing". Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding was the change to gravediggers made them responsible for the now-built-in funeral pyre. Because of this I didn't think it would be necessary to keep building more graveyards when it would balance out with the 4 of them burning a few excess bodies. But once they were filled up, with extra bodies laying around the town, it was a deathflow bottleneck with the pyres not being utilized.
  3. Bugs?

    Bugs? Recently when I played the game and my fisherman died I check how many fishes there were still in the lake, cause it was a small lake and I knew they would soon be gone. When I pressed it to watch the count I realized that the fish count were still dropping, even if I hadn't put a new nugget working as a fisherman at the small lake. There were no other fishing huts at the lake, the only other building were a water pump, but those should not affect the fish count right? Also my gravedigger where taking some people to the cemetery to burry them, but from time to time the one carried was invisible. This don't happen all the time, but sometimes it does and it's frustrating and annoying when they just disappear out of nowhere. I've also had a problem (this have only occurred to me once thought) where every nugget just stopped walking. They were still doing their movements but everyone just stopped. This was year 81 in game and I had a nugget count on 58. Also everyone runs around hungry and thirsty all the time. One of the problems with building many structures at once I guess. However this stopping problem got resolves after I pressed pause and play.