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Found 2 results

  1. Ideas for faith/belief system

    So from what I've seen, one of the big complaints about The Universim that I've seen is that it doesn't feel like a proper god game, so I had a few ideas while eating dinner tonight and sitting here typing all this out on how to put the god in god game. First idea: Prophets What if we could have Nuggets that are our prophets, informing other Nuggets of our will and helping to generate belief/god power through leading the other nuggets in worship as well as act as the spiritual leader of our Nugget tribe? Perhaps also being able to perform miracles, as our sorta but not really avatar? Second idea: Holy Texts What if we could have our own holy books that our nuggets read/follow, like a set of divine laws set by us that impact nugget behavior? For instance, say we forbid the eating of meat, nuggets could no longer hunt or eat meat, but would gain bonuses to eating food from farms, or the opposite and they get a bonus to eating meat while not being able to farm anymore, which could also impact Nugget evolution due to the changes in diet. Third idea: Missionaries So I've heard about exile tribes and how the Nuggets in them don't believe in you, what if we could designate missionaries to attempt to travel to exile camps and try to convert their Nuggets to your faith, thus giving you control of them like regular Nuggets? Of course, there could be a chance that the exiles would be hostile and attempt to kill the missionary, or that the missionary could fail and not convert anyone, perhaps even being converted his/herself?
  2. Preface: I understand that the god aspect of the game will be addressed in later patches but I wanted to share my thoughts at this stage of development. Rejuvenate - At the low, low cost of 1+ faith per person/building it trivializes injuries, sickness and building degradation. (* Currently reads as needing only 1 point though it's a variable amount.) Trickle Effect - At a high cost of 100 it's almost useless. With the elevated rate of fires and the slow gain of faith points it's rare that it can be used for halting fires. Jolt of Joy - For a single shot gift of a good day 100 points is a bit steep. Telekinesis - Another power whose cost seems to be a bit low at 2 points. I would raise the cost a bit and add the ability to throw animals.. Le Cupidom - 20 points seems reasonable but to tell the truth I honestly have not found a use for this power given you can't really tell who needs to fall in love still and who doesn't (unless I've missed something). Windstorm - 650 points seems really high for this ability when a Tornado costs the same. Tornado - Seems balanced for a destructive ability. Fire - The price of 1 point seems really low for a destructive ability. Kickstart - This ability either does not function or isn't clear enough about what it is supposed to do. Either way, it still takes 1 point per use though Nugget stats do not change.