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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I have been playing one game through (currently researched to the limit of the game). So far it reminds me of Banished and the Black and White series the most, however the complexity of the climate is incredible and unique to the point where I am amazed at the amount of coding that has probably gone into it! After progressing through this one game, I have had a great time! Early game is particularly challenging as if you miss a particular research path it can end incredibly badly. The differing food sources makes for an interesting concept, with all but one being of limited resource. The fact wildlife can also kill off nuggets is an interesting factor. However, later on in the game it started becoming tedious, for reasons listed below (with suggestions in italic)... The prayers are good and remind me of Black & White quests. However, they only appear for a short time. These need to be interspersed (i.e. are unlocked when certain research parameters are reached as an example) and missions need to vary (in terms of around the map, your use of spells etc., maybe not even limited to nuggets, but potentially the planet too - a Ying & Yang factor) The Godly actions are currently limited, but there are a few spells that I use quite a lot. I am yet to use the wrath ones except for the shower (This may change on the addition of exile villages and criminals or early 'alien' lift visiting the nugget's planet), and I only use two influence spells - Telekinesis and Cupidon, with the rest seldom used. I think balancing the prayer power and points used on certain spells is required. I am looking forward to seeing more, and am wondering how these will work with exile villages especially. The game currently slows as you reach the current end of the tech tree. Most resources are comfortable (except wood), and I have found the main issue to be keep population up. The maximum was around 220 before it started dropping off. This occurred just before the Tudor Architecture tech. It then dropped off and is now hovering around the 100 mark, and does not want to move from there (all huts now upgraded). Following instructions within this forum, I have placed ever more people as labourers and turned off buildings, but to no avail in increasing the population. I have also found that even as labourers, nuggets will attempt to collect resources even if they are in bountiful supply (You either need to introduce a 'nugget needs' factor into the game that hints at what you need to build, OR you give us the option of setting a needs limit on materials - i.e. at 200 wood only the lumbermill will collect etc, thus limiting labourers functions). It is such a waste to see labourers die trying to collect wood from the nearest wood source as the crow flies, but this happens to be the other side of a gigantic, elongated ocean. As a secondary effect of this, with nothing to do nuggets should start reproducing in earnest to refill the population drop off people may experience. This leads on to the next point, which are issues with wood. I find the fact that trees do not regrow just baffling, especially with such a complex climate. Forests should grow and recede with climate change (i.e. long periods of no rainfall means trees die off, forest fires start etc). It appears as though everything else replenishes so why not trees? Or you introduce a seed or reforest spell under the creation tab in Godly powers, which most players would hugely appreciate once Tudor Architecture starts sucking up resources to upgrade the huts. I can see an upcoming problem with water too. On one lake I have switched off all pumps at around 50% water left. However, after a few years (several season cycles) it remains at 50% left, and has not restocked unless I place a storm over said lake. The micromanaging has moved to the town hall governor, which is a blessing in disguise. However, the governor still places nuggets in closed buildings who then can't do anything, whilst leaving buildings which are open with empty slots (i.e Engineers Hut). Is it possible to get the governor to assign nuggets to buildings open first as a priority? Disasters are an excellent way to get away from micromanagement and expansion and I wish to see more of them - the criminals activity should help vary the disasters we see (fire, poisoning etc.). It may also be nice to see volcanoes, earthquakes and flooding, each with their own consequences for particular buildings. Fires starting in the nuggets homes is also potential disaster, and is an option for the evil Gods out there to destroy neighbourhoods built in the wrong area. Those are my thoughts after the first run through. I'll begin my second soon and see if I can avoid the population bubble!
  2. I do not know if you are working on these already but I have a few suggestions for some. Genesis: Create trees. Meteorite: Create rocks. Husbandry: Create more of selected animal or Create animals. Pollinate: Create or grow herbs or fruit found naturally on map.
  3. Version: v26 Severity: 2 Description: The God power Le Cupidon highlights nuggets in phase 3 of their life who can't reproduce Reproduction: 100% reproduction as this always happens. Simply use the power and if an OLD nugget is single, they will turn pink or blue
  4. Mispelling of Season

    Under the God Powers / Influence / Season Change It reads: Seasoon God Power Change Description