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Found 3 results

  1. Wolves appear in spring bug

    i am using the new experimental branch. i used a GP to skip winter but wolves still came in spring i know ths isn't posted in the BUGS subforum but i can't figure out how to move or delete it
  2. Haunted Areas/Promised Land

    Haunted Zone would be a divine power that creates an area full of ghosts that would make the nuggets avoid the place, making them come back. Promised land would be a power that would attract the Nuggets to build their house in that region.
  3. Hello, I started the game yesterday with the steam release and here is my first feedback. I often had to use my god powers and the way the game explains what powers can do is great (i love the idea of the god voice). But the way the god power is used is very unfriendly. This is my suggestion : When a power is selected, the cursor should change icon with the respective power (e.g levitate), the amount of god energy that we have left and the amount of energy the power costs. When using a power, we should have a floating text showing the god energy cost. For powers that needs nugget as targets, we should be able to use the power directly in the population window. It's really annoying to try selecting nuggets that are moving (pausing the game would be a workaround, not a solution). This is my opinion, but i prefer not see something that is locked (like powers) than seeing them unusable. Or if we show them, then at least display how to unlock them and what it does. When levitating something, it could be very cool to have highlighted zones/buildings/targets in which we can drop the objects. Applies also for other powers that needs 2 actions (cupidon). I think powers should be categorized. Having the tornado power in the same list as cupidon just doesn't make sense. I hope my feedback will get to you! I work in UX for web interface so i only feel giving feedback on this.