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Found 8 results

  1. Immune...or is it?

    This Nugget was not injured. It became "sick" for unknown reasons. The reason I selected it as HR manager is because it was immune. Everyone knows the HR Manager can't take a sick day. If this could be looked into, it would be appreciated. I
  2. Major Glitch In Tessla Dream

    Hello! I just recently started playing Universim and I have been enjoying it greatly. But after playing for 4 ish hours, I got to a point where I needed to find different pieces from lightning bolts in order to fulfill a request from Tessla, I'm assuming to start making energy. Each time this happens, and this has happened 3 times so far, I will fail the request, but will still be able to select a type of energy to research. IMMEDIATELY after I select this, when I try to go back into the main game I am not able to left click on anything. Some examples of this would be not being able to click on nuggets, use god powers, or find building info. Not only is this annoying but in order to save the game you must CLICK on the archive and click save, which I cannot do because of my current issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Possible glitch

    Believers (followers) die first in queue. The oldest Believer will always die before an older non-believer granting the non-believer a few moments of life. I just lost ALL believers because they were old, I had over 150 power so I created a tornado in the middle of the village and instantly gained 15 OLD BELIEVERS.
  4. Black Planet

    I bought the game about 2 days ago so I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but nothing on the planet is visible but the boulders and water. I have no idea what biome I would be choosing or if there are trees in the area. I've tried sending bug info in game but I keep getting a failure to send notification. Trello API: Error 411. I am using an older MacBook Pro, but I'm not sure if thats the issue. Seriously I'm just trying to get some help! The game looks amazing from what I can see of others' gameplay vids. It would be nice if I could see any of it on my own!
  5. I had just gotten over the "archive" upgrade and upgraded two hunter's huts and when I went to place nuggets at the job, it would not let me. I was able to use everything else on screen but when I went in to view the nugget log outside of the hunter's hut they all disappeared. Viewed it in hunter's hut log again and it was also blank. I saved and exited out and that seemed to fix the issue. I haven't had any real performance issues otherwise. Awesome job guys!
  6. Building Duplication Glitch

    https://puu.sh/yWool/72feb09ca0.mp4 This is to demonstrate a current Duplication bug with the newly implemented "Hold Shift" function, to place more then one structures while using tutorial mode. 1. When you finish unlocking the water pumps. Hold Shift>Click the Water Pump>Continue Holding Shift - Notice the tutorial dialog pops up, you can click next to make the dialog box go away all the while Holding Shift. 2. Place down unlimited free Water Pumps. - While continuing to Holding Shift Not only is it duplicating the free water pumps, but also any other structures you have unlocked that you can place down for free. 3.After you place down a water pump while Holding Shift, go to your constructions and click a different one, such as a Well. - You'll notice that while still Holding Shift, the new construction template mesh overlaps the Water Pump one. -You can then start placing down unlimited free Wells. - Repeat steps on any other buildings you can construct. Note: If you use the same method, but start off with a Well. You won't be restricted to the snap points the water pumps need.
  7. Research Stuck

    Hi, my first bug report for The Universim I must say this game is fantastic and a blast to play even for a pre alpha test. But I have noticed that after a certain while research freezes after at least 5 or more techs have been researched. Example: I researched the first few Stone Age techs then after I decide to go for fire or agriculture they complete sometimes but get delayed then after a while the techs just freeze and I have to cancel them then try again. It may have to do with that all my Nuggets are doing to much at a time and don't have enough time to research. Because I think research has to do with the priorities set by the Epicenter that are set by me. I have noticed similar things with builders or eating like they would just sit in one place keep eating or mill around the build site. But then when I set the epicenter to low or rest they seem to do fine. Otherwise its a great game by the way!! -DysonRing