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Found 5 results

  1. V 30.23329 Serve Bug The new ministers assign my few studied nuggets often to gravedigger, miner or similar low qualified jobs and but the unstudied nuggets to the Professor Reproduceable Upload of saved file still not possible here
  2. V 30.23329 I have two schools since several generations but the amount of Edukationen nuggets is low always not more than one page in the population log.
  3. Randomly i have at times a nugget or two laying somewhere, with status `wandering around`. eventually dying of thirst or hunger.
  4. Hey all, I've begun to have a bit of trouble when starting a new game. After I've picked a spot for my Evolution Tower and confirmed its placement, it will just freeze. But it's not like a complete game freeze, as the planet - flora, fauna and all it's environmental effects - will continue to move but only on the spot they spawned onto. The time will freeze and the Evolution Tower won't place itself. All my previous games up to this point have been fine. Any ideas what it could be that's causing the issue?
  5. How do you use divine powers?

    I just got into the game, and I am sure the answer is out there for this already, but I am not finding it. How do I use the divine powers? I have learned how to use cycle through them, but have been unable to use them.