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Found 2 results

  1. Fishing bug

    Hey, I just noticed that since the new grass patch update my nuggets won't fish anymore. They just die on the fishing pier. Because they freeze. Tried to get them out with telekenesis but they will just do the same again. This happened multiple times. I tested it multiple times as well! It's only the fishing I think. It was a new and fresh savegame. So can't be a broken savegame. Anyone else having this problem? xo
  2. Fisherman can't get to dock then game crashes. Reload the game a 2nd time. I move the fisherman, but he is dead. Also a notice of 16 nuggets being born when I load the save game. Also, the dialog box won't go away when I hit escape from the dock and the worker shows as dead even though I threw him in space. Eventually I was able to continue on after reloading a 2nd time. The hospital also showed as locked even though it was researched and I could build it. EDIT: Also another worker later died and was stuck under the fisherman building. I had to destroy the building and then I was able to remove the dead body. In addition the funeral building only works once for me and then it's never used again for any other dead bodies. How to submit Crash Reports Consistency - Has happened multiple times in various game plays. Steps to reproduce - Fisherman tries to get to the dock to go eat, drink, etc. Build information & game settings. - Windows 10, 980 GTX, I7 2600k 3.2 quad Output log. This is a file that can be found in different places depending on platform: crash.dmp error.log output_log.txt