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Found 2 results

  1. Bit of a personal peeve. It was probably a conscious design decision to stop playing the music track when switching to the Research screen, but it's one I strongly disagree with. Many times I'd be enjoying the music, when suddenly I'd realize I need to queue research again, and the track would have to be cut short again. Sad times.
  2. My journey in Universim

    So I have been playing The Universim, and its a very interesting game. However, I did come by some "issues" that was quite annoying to me. 1. The god powers, I really hope they get some more "bling" to it when they are used. The Nuggets don't even recognize your powers at all. If you heal someone maybe they should jump in the air and be happy, or sit down and give a small quick prayer. Atm the powers are boring and I don't use them at all expect the healing one. Telekinesis is broken, several times I tried helping a nugget to get closer to water and food, which ended up in me throwing the Nugget with super speed into buildings. Its very strange. 2. Nuggets AI really needs some work. At some point I wanted to build on some rocky area and on my view it was totally possible for the Nuggets to pass through beside a lake and some big stone. They ended up taking a really really really long route to the location which ended up killing 5 of them because they starved to death. 3. The same thing goes for the Hunters, they go out hunting and die of water and starvation on the way home with their prey. Its not productive to send out 3 and only 1 comes back because that had more water in their belly before they left of. The Nuggets shouldn't venture out where they will die. They should pick some berries on the way or drink from the lake if they are supposed to go so far out where they will die. Maybe there should be an option to turn on Risky adventures or something 4. Shelter killed my entire village. I had this storm coming and saw there were also wolfs. I called emergency and they all went for my two shelters. Very nice I thought. I waited the 4 looooonnng minutes for the storm to pass, and whey they got out again they were so thirsty and starving that it started a spiral of deaths all over the way. Even with 7 well's they started to doing task instead of drinking water, and just died on the job. I had 53 Nuggets after 30 min I was down to 13. they died like every 1 or 2 min. I couldn't do anything. 5. The Cemetery, whats with that place. It must be a bug. EVERY nugget i told to work there died after 1-3 real-time minutes. like 10 of them,. It did not matter if it was young or older nuggets. They just died and i got an translation error of nugget has died bla bla bla cemetery. The odd thing was, it only started after people started from the shelter problem. Before the cemetery worked just fine. 6. An explanation is very much needed, like what building can be places were, ect ect. How to use god powers, it was not intuitive to having to press a button to get a video of it. That's should be a normal step in the game, that it popped up.