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Found 5 results

  1. Eatery UI stuck

    Build version ALPHA V. I upgrading my town to the second level, started to upgrade some buildings. Clicked on the eatery to start upgrading it, and the UI is overlapped. I can't exit it, demolish it, or anything. I have tried closing the game and relaunching, but it is still buggy.
  2. Client Version - Windows/PC Steam Game Version 0.0.8 Game Repeatable: Two games in a row Stone hut was build over farm an also one into the eatery
  3. V 0.0.8 Nuggets stuck at eatery

    Client Version - Windows/PC Steam Game Version 0.0.8 Game Repeatable: Two games in a row, after around 20 years the Eatery will go to a grave The taking dish bug stay for ever and one after one every nugget die at the eatery. Nuggets stuck at eatery taken dish.
  4. cant build eatery (die hard)

    What client version you downloaded: Standalone PC version 0.0.7 (Die Hard) What part of the system was the bug/issue encountered in: idk exactly time runs slower in my configuration but about year 13 ingame into a new game Are you able to replicate the problem: Yes two times now Detailed description of the problem: Simply cant build it, i click in the eatery icon and the blueprint never appears no matter how many time i click the icon.
  5. they have a opcepcion by build houses and single houses they ony clollect a food and never hunting animal . die for hungry becase they never hunt ... I try to give clik to assign a wing adjacent house but never happens ... and the reach ceneter It not worked as it should