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    I am playing Version V26. Today is 10/8/2018. 3:54 am eastern time. Scale of severity: 4 I have 115 nuggets in my world but i only see a few of them moving around and a dozen staying still. I click on them and it says they are doing something or in shock/awe. I cannot pick them up or kill the ones that are staying still. So i tested it and demanded a fishery to be built and it was built but i did not see any nuggets around it hammering it or delivering resources. After a while dealing with this bug. It gets worse! Now i cant change seasons. I demand building to be constructed but nothing happens. More nuggets start to freeze and stay still. it becomes a ghost town and unplayable. I have picture of my city with the population shown above but no nuggets to be found just some and those "some", are the ones frozen. Reproduction--- I verified my files and nothing happened. I saved my file during this bug right before it gets worse. I can change the seasons when i load saved file and then within minutes i cannot change seasons anymore. This happened to me after medieval era. I do not know why it started to happen. I noticed it very early in game but just with one nugget. Then it became 2. Then all of a sudden dozens of them and the rest of the nuggets vanished.. The nuggets are there but you cant see them basically. In game animals become frozen too after a while and they start to bundle up next to each other. It's the very exact thing that happens to the nuggets now besides the bundling. They are all separated in my city, FROZEN! The rest of the nuggets are GHOSTS! I clicked on a hunter and he was frozen but it said he was hunting but in my eyes he was just frozen staying still. The game became unplayable so i saved and stopped playing. IF YOU NEED A SAVED FILE PLEASE INSTRUCT ME HOW TO DO THAT BECAUSE I DONT KNOW HOW TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THAT JUST IMAGES. Edit: it sucks that i came this far into the game and all of this is happening. :(. Hopefully the fix does not include a reset for everyone.